Muse 2015

Theme 2015

story line One man wakes up from his alleged deaths and discovers that he comes from a simultaneous world. He fell in Love with his double's woman here on Earth, which triggers a string of incidents that are threatening her life and humanity. Documentary filmmaker Annie has involved her husbands in a camera installation throughout her home.

Complexities arise when the camera shows the same pair in a different world. An intimidated, frightened teenager woman wakes something in the forest when she carries out an naive cult ceremony to call a hag to murder her mum. One condemned incendiary looks to rig a probation worker into a plot to ensure his probation by putting his handsome spouse in the way of the law enforcement guard.

Psychologists engage a young, perilous mastermind in a brain struggle - without knowing what kind of psychic powers the young lady has, or that her very existence is at stake. She is imprisoned by a futurist and intelligent man in a futurist home and is hoping to get away with the artificial intelligence that is controlling the home.

Clew " is the tale of Jack Hadrian, a middle 21st c. artist who commissions the acquisition of a muse, a genetic modified biological form that has been created as his partner after his fiancee disappeared in mysterious ways.

story line

She has recently been discharged from prison and the gifted female balletist Maria Bennett has found an escape from her passions with a new team. After a mystical and apocalyptical incident has turned everything into a mess, a frantic man tries to get back to his fiancé who is expecting a child. This is the real and uncounted tale of the productive rappers, actors, poets and activists Tupac Shakur.

An art gallery owner risked her own business and a prosperous future when she had an attachment to a gifted artist and gradually lost it. This is a romance between an African-American/Christian maiden and an Arab Moslem and the racist separation between the two civilizations. This is a contemporary retelling of'Antony and Cleopatra' in the most gifted Hollywood dancers' paradigm.

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