Muse 2000

Muse 2000

Super massive wave for the group Muse It was broadcasted on Freeview TV, a replay is available on MuseBootlegs here and below. There' s a space in the record between Agitated and Muscle Museum, possibly a place where other tracks could have been performed, but truncated from the one. The muse seemed very hyperk for the show.

ellamy made a lot of accidental sounds before and after the music. When the Ashamed Outputro ended, Bellamy would swing his instrument over Dom's neck several time and take out two of the mics on his drums. A last roll sent the guitars up and destroyed them on the ground on collision with the theater.

Bellamy goes back to Cathedral before he gets off the scene to make sure he wasn't shot. Cathedral tosses his drumsticks into the sky and exits the platform. UnoBellamy Vor UnoBellamy "Whyyy-ay-ay-ay-ayyyyyyyyyyy" Vor Sunburn "Il ├ętait si so coooold, I burn my tongue auf buuuuuuuuulb.". Following the excited "Thank Yoooo! From" [?] Ashamed now.

Super massive wave for the group Muse

For the first reason Muse was playing Plug In Baby, Screenager (under the titles "Razor Blades and Glossy Magazines") and Nishe for the first and Nishe lived (under the titles "Bass and Drum Break"). It was also premiered in September 1999 on BBC Radio 1.

The name of this track is "Unintended". The name of this track is "Cave". According to Plug In Baby "This is the first game we' ve ever played". It' called'Do We Need This'". It' showbiz, from our showbiz record. Sober' s performance will be released on both the 7 " and the BX CD.

Fillip and Do We Need This will be released on the Random 1-8 Parliament. For a complete loss-free sound record, see MuseBootlegs here and below. From the first six tracks an ham appeared and can be watched below. Watch one of only three Recess clips.

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