Munchkin Shorthair

Munichchkin Shorthair

The profile of the Munchkin (longhair and shorthair) cat breed/Munchkins can be found in many different colours. The Napoleon is a hybrid breed developed from the Munchkin breed and the Persian breed group. The Munchkin cats have two types: Shorthair and medium-length hair. Mumbai / Domestic Short Hair. Short Hair (medium coat).

Munichchkin Shorthair

Munchkin is a fun-loving, skilful and courageous race that was recently accepted into the cattery. In spite of its unique shortness of leg, it is characterized by excellent manoeuvrability and curvace. Without a doubt, most humans will be lucky to have a domestic animal with such a bright and open-minded character. Shortsledded females have been found in contemporary society and in various places around the world.

A 1944 UK veterinarian textbook by Dr. H. E. Williams-Jones described four generation of outstanding characteristics, one of which had grown old in the dark and was characterised by particularly sturdy and healthy behaviour. He claimed in his letter that all his ancestors had abnormally shortsteps, although they were only ordinary females in terms of their characters and manners.

This peculiarity could also be seen in 1956 in Stalingrad, 1970 in New England and in the 1980s in Louisiana. 1983 Sandra Hockenedel accommodates an expected short-legged bitch, which serves as basis for the cat species Munchkin known to us. Breeding began with these two kittens, which were crossbreeds with household pets to ensure the great breadth of their herd.

Munchkin joined the New Breed International Cat Association (TICA) in September 1994. The programme verifies the pedigree of the new races' pedigrees and gathers the statistics under the control of the Genetics Commite. The breeder's report provided powerful indications that the Munchkin's long feet were hereditary.

In 2003 the dog received the full approval of TICA. Munchkin is not accepted as an independent species by the CFA. Munchkin is a convivial and cheerful female who loves nothing better than to be in the presence of her masters. It can move at unbelievable speeds and is often likened to a low-powered racing vehicle.

At times when it ceases to play, it can be seen seated on its back limbs to get a better vision of its domain. Munchkin is well equipped with the typically cat-like inquisitiveness and will finally get to every remote part of your home. In any case, the champion should equip it with plenty of puzzles, which in his absentia become the Munchkin's entertaining resource.

With its open-minded and friendly nature, the Munchkin adapts to every style of living and is an outstanding pet for all those who prefer vivacious but soft and infectious live. Frequent issues for the race are: Munchkin needs very simple servicing.

Samples with shorter coats should only be brushing once a weeks.

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