Munchkin Longhair

Long Hair Munchkin

There is also a long-haired version, which is shown in a separate Munchkin long-hair category. The Munchkin cat with its short legs and deep-drawn trunk is seen by some people as the cat-like variant of a dachshund. The Munchkin Longhair is a fun-loving, skilful and courageous breed that was recently accepted into the Club of Pedigree Cats. Your Munchkin needs a lot of care depending on its lineage and hair length. The Munchkin (longhair and shorthair) cat breed/ Munchkin longhair cat photos for licensing.

Long Hair Munchkin

Munchkin is a long-lived female with exceptionally tight feet. This is a spur-of-the-moment change in the structure of the feet, which is known as dwarf growth. Munchkin is similar to a regular house pet with long or shorthair, except for the length of its feet. Feet very long, hindlegs slightly longer than front.

Long-haired with silken fur, hairy trousers and a moderately frizzy neck. This race has a full prune cock. The two fur grades are all weathers. We accept all fur colours and designs. Temperamentunchkins are described in their frisky nature as "ferret-like" when they walk, hunt and puppet.

In spite of their small feet, they can walk, climb around and leap, but not as high as other males. Munichchkins are inquisitive, self-confident and open-minded. It is a race that is human-oriented and reveres its suppliers. They can squeeze in like a buggy and clamber up and down a tree, curtain or scraper with the same maneuverability as other males.

It also has a lovely way of being like a hare on its backs. This makes them a great dog to have with other kittens, friends, dogs and kids. Some veterinarians are dealing with Lordose, a downwards curve of the spinal column that gives the affected cat setbacks.

Further research is being conducted on the problems of this breed's general condition, as it is a relatively new race. ExerciseCats get precious practice from the game. Gambling creates the bonds you divide, burning cholesterol, releasing anger and burning surplus power in younger males. GroomingLonghaired monchkins need to be regularly cared for fortnight to keep their fur mating-free.

Shot-haired versions only require one brush per week to keep the fur soft and satin. Origgshortslegged females existed in the 1940' s, but they vanished during the Second World War. 1953 a short-legged female was seen in Stalingrad, but only in 1983 a short-legged female, later called Blackberry, was found by Sandra Hochenedel in Louisiana.

The first and following litter was about half short-legged and half long-legged cats. Blackberry and Toulouse are the descendants of today's Munchkin race. This race was renamed after the little Munchkinland folk from the 1939 film classics The Wizard of Oz. The Munchkin was presented to the general public at exhibitions in New York in 1991.

TICA adopted the race in 1994 in the New Race and Color and in 2002 for the Mastership.

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