Clyde Bergemann

The mega-hit card game about dungeon adventures.....

without this stupid role-playing toy. Munchkins are the natives of fictional Munchkin Country in the Oz books of American author L. Frank Baum. Store for Munchkin baby products. You will find Munchkin Sippy Cups, feed, travel accessories, swimming toys and more. Ammunitionkin definition, a small person, especially one who looks dwarfish or elfish.

Clyde Bergemann

cube and a sheet of rules. cube and a sheet of rules. The Munchkin is the mega-hit cardgame about adventures in the dungeons..... without this dumb role-playing toy. Munchkin can quickly and foolishly cut down any role-playing group to hysterics. This is the classical one, but optimized for 3 to 4 gamers.

112 more funny maps from the makers of Munchkin! A further extension for your Munchkin decks! One add-on package for all Munchkin cardgames - two or more at best! One add-on package for all Munchkin cardgames - two or more at best!

Travel further down the Yellow Brick Road with this Oz! Munchkin's greatest soldier! The Munchkin hits the Scout Roleplay! Playing Munchkin Pathfinder with a plank and states! We' re commemorating 15 years of Munchkin with Shane White. Or the Munchkin Pathfinder: Get Codex, Vork, Zaboo and the others into your Munchkin world!

Candy and Shorty and Munchkin - finally together! The Munchkin Goblins has eaten my newborn! When your Munchkin match is dragging..... join some kites! Fifteen creepy maps that will cool you to the core! Do a Munchkin promotion. 15 elusive promotional maps, all in one pack! Fifteen new Lovecards for Munchkin!

Maps of kitties! Get more mother-of-pearl tickets for Munchkin. A Munchkin tee that you can use in the workroom! Get more tickets for every Munchkin gamer! Twenty-two more one-of-a-kind tickets for all Munchkin enthusiasts! Seventy-eight hard-to-find maps for your Munchkin experience. Now you can save your Munchkin library to earn bonus in the gameplay!

Shuffle and combine your favourite Munchkin kits with Munchkin doors and treasure map covers! Safeguard ALL your Dungeon Maps! Save all your Munchkin cubes - and give yourself a free gift! The Munchkin Cube for the End of the Earth! Colourful Munchkin figuresets! The Munchkin shaped brushpen!

Please feel free to browse the map lists and get the formalities. For the latest Munchkin game policy, visit our Game Policy page! You are not sure from which extension your maps come? Are you looking for more Munchkin assets? Locate places to see supporters, find epoxy rulers, find other language and more! For erratas on Munchkin, or check out the erratas and FAQs on ALL Munchkin titles!

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