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okmat Mumbai Main Marathi newspaper: Latest Mumbai Main ePaper in Marathi with one of the most popular Marathi newspaper Lokmat. Bombay: Cyber Crime Police arrests man for slandering an insurance company. Mithibai College students distribute paper bags outside the institute. One of India's biggest, widely read Marathi newspapers.

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Ranbir Kapoor affirmed his relation to Alia Bhatt in an interviewee two month ago and since then Ranbir's dam Neetu Kapoor has commented..... Now that BJP has clearly identified the position of lieutenant district governor, there is a battle over some crucial questions, given that BJP regards every decision as his victor.

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When Mumbai is drowning again in deluge-like rains, Twitter asks,'office yesana zipuri shai kya' When Mumbai is drowning again in deluge-like rains, Twitter asks,'officeana zipuri shai kya' The Ministry of HHS officers said that they are forcibly investigating members of the families of people diagnosed with antimalaria and their neighbors... This detained person was named Aarti Jadhav, 22, a Santosh Nagar inhabitant in Goregaon (E).

He is a business economist. The Harish Iyer's Impleadment Application, referring to Section 377 of the IPC, calls on the tribunal to arbitrate between amicable and non-consensual..... Constitutional courts found that the other reason for denying facilitation was that the man was already remarried and the sacrifice was unknown, so she was....

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Wright, who was playing Kevin Spacey's woman on the TV in House of Cards, said she didn't know him and knew only the amazing wiz. Because of the rain, Maharashtra Education Minister Vinod Tawde announced a Mumbai school and college day on Monday. Mumbai University said that the exams for those who were unable to attend today will be postponed.

HIGHLIGHTS is raining in Mumbai: The UNESCO has designated the Art Deco and Vectorian groups in southern Mumbai as World Heritage Sites. At least 100 members of the Sakri parish in Dhule on Saturday took a Morchah to call for shelter for the members of their parish and to take all those in charge of the lynchings to court.

As of July 1, five members of the Dongri Nath Panthi Gosavi parish, nomadic people begging for a livelihood, were murdered by a 3,500+ men crowd in the village of Rainpada in Dhule in Maharashtra, 350 kilometers from Mumbai. Swapnil Kale alleged in his libel action that Pokharkar was accusing him of theft.

As Nalawade and Kale are cross-examined, Pokharkar is charged with making "defamatory" proposals that Kale was guilty of theft. "Gupta had leased his diva home to Zharma a few month ago, but the two of them did not sign a form. Thursday, Gupta asked Gupta to leave the home without prior warning.

A fight followed between the two and Sharma shot him," said an mumbra policeman on an anonymous par. According to the DMU, about 13 collisions with buildings and walls were announced all over the town. These include four cases in the town, four in the west and five in the east of town.

The Gokhale Brooklyn was examined by a group consisting of IIT-Mumbai, the Federal MC and the railway companies on Friday to determine the cause of the crash. German Railway officers said that the teachers of the Technological Research Center had affirmed that the bridge's binders were not slack. Gokhale Brigde, an east-west link in Andheri leading to the Western Express Highway on one side and to Juhu and Versova on the other, has been off-road since the crash, although the railway has been carrying out 24-hour overhauls.

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