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Bombay woman crushed under the bus after the bike hit the pothole. The latest news about Mumbai from the BBC. India-Kenya football match in Mumbai is sold out after captain Sunil Chhetri calls on the fans. Bombay related positive news from India. One mother of two lost her life after riding a "killer" pothole in Kalyan near Mumbai.

Bombay's raining: Mumbai to be halted by strong rainfall, more rain in the next 24 h | Mumbai News

MUMBAY: Strong monthly showers whipped the mega polis and its neighboring areas, flooded roads, railroads, and paralyzing the town. On Monday, the Met section warned of extreme rainfall, while strong rainfall is anticipated until Thursday. 8 mm downpour and IMD Santa Cruz 75. 9 millimeter from 8:30 to 5:30 Monday.

About 300 persons were trapped in the city of Vasai in the adjacent Palghar region due to stagnant damp. This rainstorm - the highest ever in one single days of the year - created congestion as many of Mumbai's highways and paths were submerged and crowded by knee-deep waters.

Cars on many streets were seen creeping because of poor road conditions and poor vision, while pot holes aggravated the issue. On Monday, Maharashtra Education Minister Vinod Tawde announced a Mumbai school and college day due to the torrential rains. Mumbai University said that the exams for those who were unable to attend on Monday will be postponed.

In the aftermath of last week's torrential rain, the state administration ordered an investigation into the floods of the state legislative building in Nagpur. Prime Minister Devendra Fadnavis said before the Legislative Assembly that the investigation would determine holes in the preparations for the Monsun meeting and whether issues remained intentionally unmonitored. While Nagpur is the host of the state legislative monsoons meeting, on Friday both the Assembly and the Council were postponed for that date because of a rain-related electricity outage.

Mr Patil asked the Prime Minster to apologize to the Nagpur population. Meanwhile, in the key areas of Kurla, Sion and Dadar there were violent inrushes. The Mira Road (in neighbouring Thane District) and Nallasopara and Vasai (in Palghar District) were severely affected by the strong rainfall. According to the officers, the traffic of the Western Railway and the Western Railway has been slightly slowed down in some places due to the ingress of mud.

More rain fell on the surrounding areas of the town and the streets were flooded. "It' s a low-lying area where there are frequent burglaries," said Palghar's county information chair. An emergency response force was in a ship visiting the area and we will keep helping the people," Palghar-gatherer Prashant Nanavare said to PTI.

The view of Mumbai International was" not very good", but the flight was on track, a MeT officer said, and added that so far no warnings have been given to the airlines. Meteorology predicted more rain in Mumbai by Tuesday. Colaba in southern Mumbai registered 170.

"This is the highest precipitation of the 24 hour period of the campaign to date," said IMD Mumbai Vice President K.S. Hosalikar. Bombay got a common shower when the precipitation became too much intense. "Hosalikar said that the rainfalls in the neighboring Palghar, Raigad and some parts of the southern Konkan area were even more intense, as these areas have received 200 mm of precipitation since Sunday.

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