The MUBI is a curated and daily updated VOD service for interesting and extraordinary films. The MUBI is a curated online cinema where you can discover the best films in the world. Through word-of-mouth advertising, MUBI has positioned itself as a contact point for film lovers.

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Every day our film experts vous présente un nouveau film et vous avez un mois entier pour le regarder. Whether comme un flux à la maison ou comme un téléchargement lorsque vous êtes hors ligne. Discover wonderful films et partager votre passion pour le cinéma avec des amis et des cinéastes du monde entier !

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The Auteurs ( "mUBI") is a movie website that includes a video-on-demand application (SVOD), a data base and an onlineboot. MUBI introduced a new, high-curation VOD modell in selected areas in 2012. 9 ] Instead of a large a la cartesque archive, MUBI shows a constantly changing cast of 30 movies at once.

Every new movie is added every single working night, and every movie lasts 30 d. In February 2014 the system was extended globally. MUBI launched iPad [10] and Android[11] applications in 2013 that allow consumers to select 30 movies to be streamed to their device or broadcast to Apple TV via Chromecast or via MusicPlay.

Since June 2017 MUBI has been launching Feed[12], a constantly updating feedback feeder with the best feeds, latest headlines, trailer and festival information from its movie list. MUBI Rentals [14], a transaction video-on-demand (TVOD) services, was released in April 2018, enabling movie rentals to those who had previously been streamsed as part of their 30-day demonstration windows models.

From 2018 the MUBI website, applications and contents will be available in 11 different language versions (English, France, Norway, German, Italy, Turkey, Spanish, Netherlands, Sweden, Danish and Portuguese). MUBI has been cooperating since 2012 with UK cinemas such as Picturehouse and Everyman[20], which offer Picturehouse members extensive testing and host specific matinees at Everyman events.

They have also shown movies in collaboration with Deptford Cinema, a non-profit organisation that provides accessible and varied movie shows for the region. MUBI worked with the British fashions and trend journal in 2013, producing a range of new products. On the occasion of its 20 year jubilee, MUBI' s UK subscriptions were used to curate a range of movies, all under the motto "1993".

Among the songs were iconic movies like Naked by Mike Leigh and Strawberry and Chocolate by Tomás Gutiérrez Alea and Juan Carlos Tabío. MUBI joined forces with the Court Petrage Contest of the Cannes Film Festivals in 2014 to present a review of shorts screened in earlier years. These shorts were shown on MUBI during the sixty-seventh year of the event and comprised movies such as Jane Campion, the 2014 jury president and 2007 Ah, Ma by Caméra D'Or Anthony Chen.

In cooperation with the Schlingensief review at MoMA PS1 and the screenings at the Museum of Modern Art, MUBI also showed a collection of Christoph Schlingensief's film.

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