Mu Ka Hta Yangon

Unh-unh. Mu Ka Hta Yangon.

My ka-hta Thai BBQ restaurant. Can Yeik Tha Road Yangon Yangon Region MM. Through Mu Ka Hta(Kandawgyi Branch). Verify the information of Mu Ka Hta Thai BBQ-Yangon South Okkalapa/Thai Barbecue Fruit Juice at

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South Oakalar" Mu Ka Hta Thai BBQ Restaurant

Situated on Thit Sar Road, South Oakkala Township, Yangon, Mu Ka Hta Restuarant was founded in February 2016. Owned by Myanmar, all tasty dishes are cooked by a Thai chef who comes from overseas. There are many kinds of Thai dishes and also BBQ and Hotspot are the most popular dishes of the people.

We also have a good catering and catering services, such as the renowned Yangon restaurants, which also have KBZ Bank's advice, good waiters and tasty food. The Mu Ka Hta is a pleasant Yangon based place because it offers tasty food at affordable rates.

Various types of Yangon hotspots

Shabu-Shabu and Sujiyaki are very much loved by the Japans. Siukiyaki came to the Thai restaurant Mu Kra Tha, which comes from Japan, and mixed it with Korea Barbeque. You' ll find there are many Yangon and Mandalay City hotspots. If you are a lover of hotspots, I will tell you about the different types of hotspots in Yangon.

You can get a Su Shi and a Hotspot in the same place. Shabu-Shabu is the flavour of the food. So you can have another dinner inclusive warm water. It' at the Ocean Centre in the Shwe Gong Daing Township. PPS is a Thai hotspot. KKS Thai Hotspot Shwe Taung Kyar Road is located behind the Shwe Gong Daing Marketplace.

MUKA HTA is a Thai hotspot that combines suciyaki and Korea barbecue. Kandaw gyi Park is the restaurant's location. The Gangnam is another great place to enjoy a different kind of food. It' a Koran-style hotspot with a system of buffets. They can have another typical Korea food and desert. It is a good place for anyone who wants to try the genuine Japan hotspot.

You can also buy genuine Wagyu from Japan. Ohsama Japan Hotspot and BBQ is located at Pho Sein Road, Tamwe Township. When you plan to try the exquisite flavours of Yangon hotspot, you can make your Yangon travel very cozy.

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