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Myanmar Exotic Travel & Tour, Yangon (Rangoon): I've learned that a permit called MTT is required to cross the border. Spokesman for the state organization Myanmar Travels and Tours (MTT) under the Ministry of Hotel and Tourism confirmed some but not all of the changes. Cheap hotels near MTT (Myanmar Travels & Tours), Mandalay. TAILAND between Ranong (Thailand) and Kawthaung (Myanmar).

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Passports must be in force 6 month after your travel to Myanmar. Myanmar visas must be obtained in your Myanmar visa before arriving at the harbour, the harbour cannot currently process e-visa and on-rival visas. Persons entering or leaving the above mentioned entries and exit points may access or leave all Myanmar, Nay Pyi Taw and YangonInt. Airport, MandalayInt. Airport, Tachileik, Myawaddy, Htee Kee and Kawthaung Internation.

Visitor traffic is allowed everywhere except for the prohibited areas identified by the Ministry of the Interior in its Communication 77/2013 of 15.1.2013 (The prohibited areas can be obtained at frontier crossings). Refer to the approved zones for travelers in Myanmar. Travelling across a route involves an MTT authorisation for cars and passengers, the authorisation of the road traffic authority, the company of an MTT liaison officers and a licenced tourist guides throughout the journey and an escort car to transport them, unless customers have two free places on their cars.

We' ll meet your key needs to which you can extend your needs. Only MTT permit (for cross-country trips between Taunggyi and Tachileik with a Myanmar approved vehicle). Mountain MTT permit and tourist guidance (for arriving in Myanmar across the Tamu-Moreh and Muse-Jaegao/Ruili borders). The MTT permit, Road Authority transport permit, assistant tourist guides, MTT liaison officers and escort vehicles, if necessary for the crossings, if customers are bringing a car licensed abroad to cross Myanmar's border.

When you bring your own car, the number of free seats on your car. To be able to apply for Myanmar immigration permits, applications must include the following documentation containing as much detailed information as possible. Scheduled route in Myanmar (please specify precise route, if possible, candidates must be arriving or departing on the date indicated on the request, it is difficult and will cost an additional fee to make changes).

When you bring your car with you, you must also bring the following with you. A good color photo of the car from all 4 locations. We are obliged to make the MTT liaison officers and a licenced tour guides available to the above customers within the prohibited areas.

In case you do not have at least two free places on your cars, we have to make an escort car available to you for an surcharge. Refer to the approved zones for travelers in Myanmar. Is it possible to take a bus or train? Thailand Borders: Travelers can cross land for free, except Tachileik/Mai Sai Thai bounder.

Travellers do not require an MTT permit to reach or leave the Tachileik frontier while travelling by plane from and to Tachileik, there are services between Tachileik and Myanmar land (Heho/Mandalay/Yangon). However, for the cross-country trip between Taunggyi and Tachileik with a private rented vehicle, with or without a licenced tourist leader, an MTT permit is necessary.

At present it is not possible to take a long distance trip by means of local transportation between Taunggyi and Tachileik. Chinese Borders (Muse/ Jaegao-Ruili) and Indian Borders (Tamu/ Moreh): Upon arrival in Myanmar via the Myanmar frontier harbours, customers need an MTT permit and a licenced tourist guides to welcome the customers at the frontier crossing.

After the last changes, a personal transport by the tourist guides is no longer mandatory. Passengers can come to the mainland with or without the company of a tourist guidebook. With the latest changes, passengers no longer need an MTT authorisation to leave Myanmar via the country's frontier harbours. What is the entry time at the checkpoint?

The assistant leader will present all paperwork for the MTT-approved permit at the Chinese or Indian frontiers before your scheduled check-in date. Once you have entered and cleared customs, the tour guides can also assist you in organizing transport, etc., whether or not you are travelling with them to the mainland.

What is the best moment to get to the crossing point? It is recommended that you reach the harbour as early as possible between 8:30 and 9:30 am. Please see Myanmar Customs website for information that all overseas travelers must follow. The same is true for every harbour, large metropolitan airport and the neighbouring states.

I' d like to drive all the way off the Boundary, is that possible? However for some stretches we advise you to stay on the rented car for your own security. According to the present regulations, we are still obliged to make an accompanying car, an MTT liaison officers and the licenced driver available, who accompanies the cyclists within the exclusion area or during the whole journey (e.g. entry from a frontier and departure via another frontier port), according to the travel route.

Please find below the approximate travel times between the locations listed in our example crossings.

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