Ms Amapura

Mrs. Amapura

Here you will find snapshots and detailed reports about the cruise ship AmaPura. The lowest prices for every trip on the MS AmaPura. AmazonPura® River Cruise Vessel Take part in one of these tours with a unique guest and enjoy a meal of fine wines and gastronomic delights that will bring you closer to the marvellous flavours and flavours of Europe. Visiting the Nuremberg Christmas market with its iconical red-white stripes and the lovely Weißstörchen in Strasbourg is a magic time.

Solid Christmas blossoms with thousand of candles are placed in front of the most beautiful architectural setting, where travellers and natives meet to have fun. Discover centuries-old tradition as you stroll around the Christmas markets and enjoy the quaint artisan presents and the exhilarating flavour of roast chestnut, warm chocolate and sweet-plum.

This is a great way to enjoy an exquisite Latin-style boat trip. Just think of the possibility of combining luxurious Danube water sports with the possibility of indulging your passions and playing a game of Golf. We' ve put together the ideal pack so you can do just that with our exclusive concierge game.

Explore Europe, full of award-winning food, amazing services and a selection of trips in every harbour, as well as up to 5 laps of Golf on some of the continent's top master classes.

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