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You can stream tracks and playlists from mrtv4 to your desktop or mobile device. The Paw Opening MRTV4 News. The Myanmar Pyin Hlaing School Opening (5) Newsletter Myanmar. Myanmar's first VOD streaming service for TV shows is Pyone Play. The MRTV-4[Forever Group] befindet sich in Pyay Rd.

, Myanma Radio & Television Compound, Ward (8), Kamayut Township, Yangon Region, Myanmar.

2015 Myanmar Summit | MRTV-4

Which will be the main actors in the post-electoral process and how will the results influence Myanmar's resilience, wealth and attitude to internationalism? Accompany us at the opening summit in Myanmar when we explore the "state of affairs" for the country's economic and policy system and its impact on the economic system and investment.

The most important topics to be addressed include: What real advances have been made in the years since the country's reform and to what degree can they be assessed? How far has Myanmar progressed in terms of democratic governance and publicity? How much headway has been made in the peacemaking processes between the federal administration and non-state gunmen, and how crucial is this for the investing world?

MRI-4 apologizes for "Rakhine Tatmadaw" review

PMRTV-4 YANGON - Broadcaster apologized to Tatmadaw for their use of words in a Rakhine state outbreak. Recent battles between the Tatmadaw and Arakan armies, which had displaced 1100 troops, were reported. Soon after the show, the True News Information Staff of the Army released a declaration in which they complained that MRTV-4 had described the Tatmadaw as "government troops" and the Arakan army as "Rakhine Tatmadaw".

They " condemned " the potential defamation of the Tatmadaw and seemed to support the AA. He said that the station had not adhered to the ethic of the press and urged the "officials concerned" to act. The MRTV said this mornings that the errors were due to the "weakness" of the editors.

Tatmadaw's True News Information has been alerting the press on a regular basis since its inception more than a year ago. The MRTV-4 is a free-to-air station founded in 2004. It was published then as a jointventure between the Forever Group and the Ministry of Information.

In 2014, the Information Ministry's General Manager, U Tint Swe, claimed that MRTV-4 was private property and had never been a jointventure, despite having operated from Myanmar's radio and television facilities on Pyay Road and employed Ministry of Information personnel. Mr U Tint Swe said that MRTV-4 was paying a revenue-based royalty per month to the administration, which totalled around K 150 million in 2014.

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