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Burma Radio and Television 4, known as MRTV-4, is a Burmese state television station and satellite television. M-RTV4 is a free-to-air television channel. This is a state-controlled television station (Ministry of Information) and was established in 2004. M-RTV-4 is a satellite television channel from Yangon, Myanmar, which offers entertainment programs. View MRTV-4 Facebook statistics such as the number of fans, engagement rate and fan distribution by country.

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A new station, MRTV-4, was launched in May 2004 in collaboration with Myanmar Radio and Television under the direction of the Ministry of Information. A 6 hours programme plan with a loop system was launched in 2005. In 2006 it was free for Yangon and surrounding areas and in 2007 for Mandalay and surrounding areas.

MRTV-4 became a 24-hour free-to-air TV station in April 2009 and is currently the most watched TV station in Myanmar. and more.

MRTV-4 enthusiasts demand more

On January 26, MRTV-4 officially signed a Myanmar National League (MNL) broadcasting deal at Sedona Hotel, but so far the supporters have not been impressed by the reporting since the beginning of the year. Having seen a fixture between Hantharwady United FC and Chin United FC at Aung San on January 21, Ko Zayar Gyi from the Myanmar Times Hinthada Voivodeship said he could see a big discrepancy between the televised and broadcasted fixtures.

"AV-4 shows matches so sluggishly and without much activity. When I saw the match in the arena, however, I realized that it was much quicker. As the Myanmar Football Federation (MFF) tries to make the football federation professionally, this raises the MNL. "The majority of our supporters see the matches on TV and when they see a slower, less interesting match, how can they be interested in the MNL," says Ko Zayar Gyi.

"In the case of international soccer matches, you can see the player in a larger bandwidth, while MRTV-4 only shows an overall view of the game. Mingalar Taung Nyunt MNL supporter Ko Wei Phyo Kyaw said MRTV-4 fell short of Singapore and Thailand standard due, in his opinion, to the difficulty of making a lot of outperformance.

"This is best done by high-profit soccer alliances like the English Premiership. Besides, how will MRTV-4 make any kind of profit since it's a free channel," he said. The MFF K500 million was purchased by MRTV-4 for the 2012 broadcast and K100 million for each year of the three-year agreement.

In addition to MRTV-4, MFF will receive a fourth of its revenues from Myanmar Brewery, MNL's main sponsors. In spite of the low return on equity, Ko Pyae Phyo Han, CEO of the MRTV-4 squad, sees this more as an asset in the development of the game in Myanmar. The radio was an important part of the game.

"For example, in the La Liga, no Mezsi is not able to make his appearances look as good on TV, while in the English Premier League, although their gamers may not be as good as Mezsi or other La Liga celebrities, the supporters can see how much better they look onTV.

A further issue is the possibility to show games online. MRTV-4 and the MFF signed a three-game weekly agreement for a full eighty games throughout the year. MRTV-4, however, has difficulties in fulfilling the contractual conditions due to a shortage of available technology and personnel.

MFF had to ask the news agency to give it four months to broadcast a series of games outside Yangon, such as the Bahtoo in Mandalay, Monywa in the Sagaing Region and Nay Pyi Taw. Instead, Ko Pyae Phyo Han said the canal will show late games from other counties every weeks.

"In order to be able to shoot the movie you need at least eight monitors and more than 40 employees. "We' re educating more personnel and have ordered more special soccer-camcorders. We should have completed the workout after four month and then we can start broadcasting in other states and regions," he said.

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