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Come even closer to your loved ones thanks to MPT's wider network, improved service and great prices! The mobile operator MPT has extended an advertising campaign for its Swe Thahar users and claimed a positive customer response to the deal, which reduces Internet costs. In charge of MPT, FIT, SWE and Readiness Kill Chain. The SWE. MPT'SWE' One-Stop iOS application You don't need to know many USSD sequences and numbers to use MPT's services.

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Starting August 10, 2015, all subscribers who reactivate their MPT GSM/WCDMA GSM cards will be included in the Swe Thahar plans by default. When I purchased an MPT-Simcard, I purchased it before August 10, 2015. When you use your MPT-Simcard from August 10, 2015, you will subscribe to Swe Thahar even if you purchased it before August 10, 2015.

I' m already an MPT client and have my mobile phone inserted before August 10, 2015. So does that mean I signed up for the Swe Thahar plans by default? No. You must sign up for Swe Thahar by hand. If I have a Swe Thahar subscription, how do I know? When you are already registered with Swe Thahar, you will get an answer to verify this.

Failing this, the system will be subscribing you to Swe Thahar. After August 10, 2015, I have my mobile phone number and I am logged in to Swe Thahar now. However, can I cancel my subscription to Swe Thahar and use the basic rate instead? If you wish to cancel your subscription, please send "UNSUB SWE" or "POSTUNSUB SWE" to 1332.

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Starting Monday, August 10, all new GSM/WCDMA enabled SIMs will automatically be included in the Swe Thahar map. Currently, clients must sign up for the map with a free text message, but this update removes this move for all newcomers. It will enable new clients to benefit immediately from all MPT promotions during activation as the Swe Thahar plans become more popular with MPTs.

Swe Thahar plans offer speech calling at 23Ks/min, texting at 15Ks/message, and higher web speeds at 7.5Ks/MB. If you are an already subscribed customer, you must continue to send a manual subscription to Swe Thahar via text messages "SWE" or "POSTSWE" to 1332. "MPT is committed to providing the best service to our clients and to meeting their needs for improvement.

It was overwhelming that they wanted to benefit from the new language rate of 23K/minute without registration/subscription, so we're going to change the system so they can use Swe Thahar as a standard schedule for the first time," said Takashi Nagashima, CEO of KSGM/Joint Operations between MPT and KSGM (KDDI Summit Global Myanmar Co., Ltd.).

All other MPT upgrades come with a free web subscriptions starting August 10th. Previously, basic tariff subscribers had to pay 10,000Ks to access the web. The basic rate user can now start their free online services via SMS "Orderdata service" to 1331. Please note: If you wish to cancel Swe Thahar and use the base rate instead, you can cancel your registration from Swe Thahar by mailing "UNSUB SWE" or "POSTUNSUB SWE" to 1332.

Subscribers who cancel their subscription to Swe Thahar do not loose connection to the web, although they have not yet signed up for the basic rate.

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