Mpt Service for Cdma

MtT service for Cdma

MPT, Ooredoo( present) and Telenor ( in the future). MPT's managing director Khin Maung Tun said: "Today SIM cards are not only used for calls, but also for Internet access and other services. MPT Service description. MPT's managing director Khin Maung Tun said:

Mbt Myanmar | Move Myanmar forward

It will take place on 29 June from the middle of the night until 30 June in the early mornings. Both figures will then work during a three-month transition phase (from July to the end of September 2017). Then the old 096xxxxxxxxxx numbers are withdrawn and sent back to the PTD. After the end of September 2017, subscribers with an old 096xxxxxxxxxxxx number will no longer be able to use their mobile phone.

Certain CDMA 450 users using the 096xxxxxxxxxxxx and 0947xxxxxxxxxx area codes are not available for a limited time during the upgrade time and they are: Activation/deactivation of Caller Ring Back Tone, Call Waiting, & Call Forwarding between 29:10:00 am and 30 June 02:30 am.

Stationary CDMA telephones are output: MMPT

Myanma Post and Telelecommunications (MPT) said last weekend that it will provide the general population in the two capitals of the state, Yangon and Mandalay, with some 50,000 Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) 800-MHz fixed-line telephones in early December. A spokesman for the MPT said to the Myanmar Times on 12 November that it would allow about 30,000 telephone connections in Yangon and about 20,000 connections in Mandalay under the plans, which ultimately include the installation of about 150,000 telephone connections in both states.

It is a cost-saving initiative that will allow the authorities to publicise new telephone networks without the costs of installation of the more expensive - but dependable - cabling infrastructures of conventional fixed telephone networks. These 8-digit telephones use the CDMA 800-megahertz ( "CDMA") 800-megahertz ( "MHz") networks and allow the use of IDD, facsimile, short message system (SMS), calling party ID and call forward.

"The cost of the original system is approximately K500,000. Since these telephones are designed for use as landlines, they will not work if used outside their allocated townships," he said. However, although the charging pattern has not yet been defined, it would probably be similar to that for landlines, which is K15 per second.

Mr. Fone Handy-Shop in Kamaryut Town Hall was pleased with Ko Sithu's news of new telephone line usage. "There are many who want telephone connections but can't have them," he said, added that he thought the plumbing charges were a good business and much less expensive than the K1.05 million for a land line.

Said the capability to move the telephone within a township would be useful, but the incapacity to access the web like a regular fixed line would frustrate some people. Kon Tin Myo Han, a manager at a cell phones firm, said the release of the new telephone line would be a blessing for those who want to have their own telephone, although the cost of installing it is slightly higher than you might expect abroad.

In order to compete for one of the routes, interested persons must submit an application to the Ministry of Communications, Post and Telegraphs in Nay Pyi Taw.

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