Mpt Myanmar Internet

Mt Myanmar Internet

When Internet access is important to you, get an Ooredoo SIM card. The Ookla is the most accurate method for measuring Internet performance and network diagnostics. The Myanma Posts and Telecommunications descr: MPT notifications to Myanmar users about the end of Free Basics. Prepaid Myanmar recharge card tags:

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  • People can use Facebook, Messenger, Viber, LINE and Instagram. - Telephone calls, telephone calls, VoIP usage and connections to videoclips, third party etc. are billed according to the PAYG fees of the subscribers. - CDMA and base rate subscribers are not allowed to log in.
  • You may not use the allowance if you have moved from the Swe Thahar/Shal Pyaw/Shwe Sagar Plan to the base tariff, but if you have returned to the Swe Thahar/Shal Pyaw/Shwe Sagar plan within the expiration date, you can use the rest of the package's information. - Once customers have upgraded their accounts from Postpaid to Prepaid, they will no longer be able to use the Social Packs they have already made.
  • Unactive subscribers cannot sign up for these bundles. - User can log in a max. of 5 time within one daily, and the expiration of the rights is not united.

Mbt Myanmar | Move Myanmar forward

69,000 per months, giving clients an accessible way to connect to the Internet without limits. Ks offers the 10 Mbps pack for those who need higher speed for more sophisticated Internet use. It' an appealing feature for value-seeking Internet subscribers, as there are no additional annuity subscriptions for unrestricted Internet use.

After the launch of FTTH services in Yangon city centre in August 2017, MPT will extend its FTTH offer to other areas of Yangon and Mandalay by early next year and plans to launch the services in other large Myanmar towns during 2018. This is the special offer for installing Ks.

Clients on the Services are signing a 12-month agreement, the General Business Rules are valid. MPT clients can choose either (106) or (01 - 2399106) to receive more information on this time-limited offer. You can also contact MPT Sule Branded Store at Bo Sun Pat Street and Mahabandoola Road in Yangon for more information about the subscriptions as well.

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