Mpt Myanmar call Center

Myanmar Call Center

Mbt Myanmar | Move Myanmar forward If your account is 0 and you need to use the priority of the telephone, you can use the credit account balances. For all MPT service, select *106# and obey the instructions on the telephone monitor. 1500ks is charged for a spare SMS-board. Only the holder of the SMS transceiver can request a new one.

When you change your mobile number, keep your telephone number and your residual funds. Usually the SMS transceiver is exchanged and enabled within 1-3 working hours.

Mbt Myanmar | Move Myanmar forward

MPT clients no longer need to worry about call rates when requesting information or selling from organisations that are subscribing to MPT's latest offer. There are 0800 800 Freephone numbers that MPT has configured to be allocated to certain car phone numbers (landlines) so that they are free for MPT Car Telephones and MPT Mobile subscribers.

MPT calls are not debited when connected to the toll-free numbers of MPT Biz-numbers, the resulting fees are invoiced monthly to the MPT Biz-numbers. The caller can intuitively determine the nature of the transaction he is calling via the caller's access control number.

The sequential single-digit number after the 0800 800 code indicates the industry category. "MPT's great free call experience allows businesses and businesses to concentrate on making a permanent impact when a customer answers the telephone to inquire about their product and support by removing the fear of call surcharges.

Companies using Call Free Call for their campaign and promotion will be more likely to convince their prospective clients, and call centers can service their clients more satisfied if the callers do not have to pay for the calls.

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