Mpt Internet Speed

Mt Internet speed

The MPT Fibre Internet Access Service. A reliable Internet connection is required for the duration of the course. The MPT files contain basic templates for creating new projects. The Internet Protocol (IP) for network communication. In this phase, operators' mobile Internet offerings can serve as a key differentiator in terms of reach, speed and pricing.

Mbt Myanmar | Move Myanmar forward

{\Yangon, June 19, 2017}- MPT today announces that its quickest backup will be LTE+. New technologies will make the supercharged speed available in the major towns of Yangon, NayPyiTaw and Mandalay before it will be deployed in other places across the entire nation in the next few month. The MPT uses the latest 4×4 Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) technologies, which substantially surpasses the 4G/LTE 2×2 MIMO and achieves twice the speed.

Like the name implies, it uses twice the number of recipients and senders in your telephone and from the mobile mast for sending and receiving it. LTE+ will cover 47 cities in Yangon, Mandalay and Naypyitawin in May and LTE+ supply will begin to expand in Bago, Taunggyi, Mawlamyaine, Monywa and Pathein in July.

More than 20 towns will be reachable by August and LTE+ will be operational in over 30 towns across the country by September. MPT's broad distribution system has been painstakingly developed to enable a seamless transfer between 4G/LTE+ and 3G- reception, which has already been formally recognised as the quickest and biggest in Myanmar.

It will be extended to other countries as soon as possible so that many users will have easy and fast acces to MPT's LTE+ networks. It reminds consumers to verify their LTE+ setting and make sure that LTE+ is activated on their device.

Myanmar's MPT wins Myanmar's Speedtest Awards Q1-Q2 2017

MPT was recently honored with Myanmar's Q1-Q2 2017 Speed Test winner for cellular speed. This prize was given by the famous website The Ookla on-line bandwith test is the most successful in the game. The Myanmar speed results are predicated on 220,000 testing in the first two quarter of the year.

The MPT won the prize with 11.45, slightly ahead of Telenor with 10.51. Only 6.23 left behind 0oredoo. In April 2017, the Myanmar Post and Telecommunications Department (PTD) assigned an extra range to the three carriers to expand their 4Gs.

Although the three operator commissioned their 4G grid in 2016, the power was not optimum due to the missing range. This new allotment of 2x10mhz in 1800Mhz allowed cell phone providers to offer their subscribers a true 4G listening time. This speed bulletin clearly shows that the extra range had a tremendous effect on Myanmar's speed, from 7 Mbit/s in April 2017 to 12 Mbit/s in June 2017.

What does this speed score involve? Speed Score provides a measurement of each provider's speed of loading and downloading to evaluate the speed of the net. Note that 90% of the top speed is credited to the speed of the file and 10% to the speed of the file to be uploaded. The MPT 4G speed testing is blossoming everywhere on Facebook at an amazing speed.

Notice that MPT is the only 4G wireless carrier in Myanmar to promote LTE 4×4 MIMO. Of course, this unbelievable speed can only be reached under perfect circumstances. New Samsung Galaxy S8 supports 4×4 MIMO and 256 QAM and would be a good purchase for those who want to get the most out of the MPT 4G family.

After the start of the fourth cell phone network provider, a new decline in prices is to be anticipated.

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