Mpt Internet Setting

Mt Internet setting

APN settings for the MPT network and MMS settings for the MPT network in Myanmar have been added below so you can add them to your mobile phone. MPT, Telenor, Ooredoo, Mectel Internet setting tuah ning. Anyone know the correct settings for sending MMS messages with MPT's MMS Studio? Notice the line marked INTERNET PROTOCOL (TCP/IP). Fibre optic cables are laid from a central point to the accommodation, providing access to the Internet.

Viewing and editing your Access Point Name (APN) on your iPhone and iPad

For some operators, you may need to specify your VPN setting to configure your mobile phone to work. Only if your operator allows you to do so, you can work on or display your wireless network connection on your iPhone and iPad. Please consult your network operator if you cannot change your VPN setting. Entering the wrong VPN setting may cause you to loose your mobile phone connection and incur extra fees.

Modify the APN only if instructed to do so by your network operator or handset operator. Check with your network operator to make sure your APN setting is right. You can check your APN setting at any of the following places, if your operator allows it: Preferences > Portable Data > Portable Data Options > Portable Data Network.

Please consult your network operator if your machine does not have either of these options. In order to modify your preferences, touch each box and type in your network operator's name. You should store the setting values in the memory of your computer. You may not be able to modify the mobile phone information setting based on your mobile provider. You may be able to use a config file with the right setting if your network operator needs a different APN setting.

If you are not using a config file, upgrading your iPhone OS will restore all changes to your VPN preferences. Editing your AppN preferences before upgrading your iPhone will return your preferences to their defaults. It may be necessary to re-enter your preferences after an iPhone install. In order to return to the standard IPN information of your network operator, go to Preferences > Mobile > Mobile > Mobile Network > Clear preconfig.

When you have an installation of a config file, the standard information of the file is used instead. When using an iPhone or iPad in an office setting, you may need to consult your handset board admin to modify your GPSPN. When changing the VPN setting that an Admin has defined for you in a config file, do the following:

From Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Network, touch Reset Settings. Delete the config file and insert it again.

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