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Department of Post and Telecommunications (MPT), Laos. LifeCycleCreator is not responsible for the content of external websites that can be opened in a separate window. I just wonder if I can use my phone as a modem for free internet. When you' re on a plan, the answer is no. Mpt> SingTel Internet Exchange.

Cellular Internet Start the fight on prices!

The competition is open and the owners are willing to exchange tits for tits. Everything began with the introduction of a new tariff by Telenor named "Parcel". 300MB to 120GB, package plans contain a roll-over up to May 2017. Using up to 120 GB of available bandwidth, the network provider is big thinkers and is likely to focus on domestic bandwidth.

This new package, in combination with a portable hot spot unit, is a cost-effective way to connect an entire home to the Internet. With a new bid named "Paung Kuu", Ooredoo shot back quickly on February 6. Large Ooredoo datapackets also: 800MB to 130GB. Looking at the Ooredoo pricing plans, the Qatar-based company created its plans in response to Telenor and chose to outbid its major competitors.

A Telenor client, for example, with exactly the same 2,999 Ks per months would get 1GB of information while an Ooredoo client would get 2GB. Telenor offers a 10GB plan for 19,999 Ks and Ooredoo answers with 14GB. Ooredoo returned with a 130GB package for the same amount 4 day after Telenor released a massive 120GB package!

The Ooredoo program also contains rollovers, but without temporal limitation. The MPT has gone into combat on 20 February and has revised its colorful packages with a new action that provides 50% extra information for each of them. One of the most competitively-priced packages in the publicly owned operators' portfolios is the 15GB 18,000Ks packet (excluding trade tax).

In December 2016, the compound retail prices (mix of all operators) averaged 2,900Ks per GB. These plans bring the mixed selling prices down to 1,600 Ks per GB, a 81% decline within a few month! Ooredoo offers the most cost-effective Internet plans on the auctions.

MPT is the only company to exceed the Qatar-based company with its 15 GB plan. As far as qualtity is concerned, our recent polls have shown that no single provider really surpasses the others. Every wireless carrier has its weaknesses and there is definitely plenty of room for improvements when it comes to performance and robustness.

The new 4G spectra assignment in March, which will rather trigger a huge 4G relaunch or relaunch, is just the beginning of a new fight between the three MNOs. And Ooredoo definitely took the leadership with a very competitive price, but Telenor has a great deal to offer with his 4G introduction to Yangon.

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