Mpt Internet Message

Mt Internet message

I' ve received the message "Dear MPT customer, you will receive Internet settings on your mobile phone, please accept. These are step-by-step instructions for configuring your phone to surf the Internet using an MPT SIM. With the official MPT application, they can now be subscribed to with a single keystroke. They can even receive SMS notifications of missed calls and voice messages. Please note that data transmission over the Internet (e.

g. communication by e-mail) may be subject to security gaps.

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I' ve got the message "Dear MPT client, you will get Internet-adjustments on your cellphon, please do. It' the welcome message to savour the Internet preferences. I' ve got the message "Dear MPT client, your hand set is not configuration. Certain cell phones do not allow Internet access. Therefore, these device type should set the APN preference manual.

In case the user does not know how to do this, please call 106. For whom is this Internet settings for? GPRS/WCDMA phones are suitable for this Internet settings services. Are CDMA enabled for Internet access by Internet settings services? The Internet settings are not available to CDMA customers.

I' ve exchanged my phone, do I get the Internet settings? The APN settings are sent to the client again if SIM/ IMSI/telephone is modified. Do MPT Ks.10,000 wireless subscribers have to purchase to activate the Internet? No, every MPT wireless subscriber does not have to purchase Ks.10,000 for activating the wireless Internet.

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Is MY MPT USSD Menue Servic? "MY MPT USSD Menu" is a set of menus designed for all MPT-user. The use of the menus can help you to access different types of utilities in one place. Choosing *106# could help you get the following features (1) My Accounts, (2) Internet packets, (3) Value Added Value etc.)

In the My Accounts section, you can view your details of your bank details and have easy acces to the Balance Transfer, Call Me Back and Loan Balance and Recharge options. In the Internet Bundles submenu, you can select different kinds of Internet bundles that MPT offers. The Value Added Service page can also help you get the directions for using MPT Value Added Service.

Press BACK to return to the last screen. MY MPT USSD Menu" - How can I use it? The MY MPT U SSD submenu can be started and the service can be accessed simply by dialling *106#. On the My MPT U. S. DSD screen, what kind of service is available?

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