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Malpractice California Medical Insurance | CAP-MPT

By joining CAP, you'll be joining 12,000 of California's top doctors who benefit not only from our Mutual Protection Trust's superior and affordably priced art-fault prevention, but also from our excellent doctor-assistance services. However, can you be sure that your present insurer will take good charge of you when you need them most?

The CAP provides doctors with sound and reliable insurance against occupational indemnity, combined with extraordinary member support, which includes a 24/7 loss and damage hotline. Get miscommunication examination sum at cost that can't be beaten. The Mutual Protection Trust has received an A+ ( "superior") credit standing from A. M. Best Company since 2006 for its funding power and its capacity to provide current cover and fulfil commitments.

Keeping a record of your personal information on-line can mean a violation of your personal information, strict rules and the risk of fraud. With a Cyber Risk Third Party Insurance programme, your subscription is free of charge and offers you: $50,000 to protect against possible violations of information, in particular those relating to information technology confidentiality, computer information integrity and responsibility for the use of digital music.

The cover is $10,000 in the case of your decease. Cover up to $2,000 per calendar year for up to 24M. Being a member of the CAP, I benefit from the additional advantages that the CAP offers free of cost and I have the opportunity to get more cover for my surgery at reasonable costs.

As well as these free extras, CAP members have the opportunity to increase insurance cover at low tariffs to further safeguard their practice. First-rate receivables handling and defence to offer you extraordinary representations. An early intervention hotline that will help you to cope with negative results at any given moment and every single second. If you call the 24/7 CAP Cares Hotline at 1-800-252-0555, you can talk directly to a dedicated RRM professional for professional advice on all aspects of CRM.

A team of experts in the field of damage and loss adjustment offers you an efficient, complete and efficient loss and loss adjustment team. Take advantage of CAP-guard. The CAP members are offered health insurance through the Mutual Protection Trust (MPT), an unregistered inter-independence agreement organised in accordance with Section 1280. The members shall make investments that can be deducted for taxation purposes, on the basis of classification of risks, in the amount required to settle entitlements and administration expenses.

The members also make a tax-deductible deposit, which is refunded in accordance with the provisions of the MPT Agreement.

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