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Fiber Internet

The Dedicated Fiber Internet Service offers a business-oriented solution with: BTS and Fiber Construction, installation fiber link between the major cities. The MTP fibre system is a truly innovative product group leading fibre optic networks into the new millennium. Fiber optic splitter is a device that splits the fiber optic light into several parts in a certain ratio. Is a Fiber Optic Patch Panel?

Mandalay: MPT Expands Fiber Services

av _abdm = _abdm |||| [];_abdm.push(["1512023572", "InPage", "1512024292", "InPage_1512024292"]); var _abdm = _abdm |||| [];_abdm. push (["1512023572", "InPage", "1512024269", "InPage_1512024269"]); The state telecommunications provider Myanmar Posts and Telecommunication alliance ( "MPT") will be offering Fiber To The Home (FTTH) - an Internet services - in Mandalay next months. Fiber optics is the laying of fiber optics from a single point to the lodging that provides Internet acces.

Provides higher bandwith capability to simultaneously interface more than one device. MPT's FTTH service reached Yangon last August. It is available in the Pabedan Town Ship near the Pagode Sule.

Meanwhile, the firm is planning to expand the services to other Yangon townships, said U Khin Maung Myint, vice general director, MPT-KSGM common operations sales team. "We will expand the FTTH services to Mandalay in November. At the same time, we will expand this services to other Yangon townships," he said to the Myanmar Times.

Until 2018, MPT announces the expansion of FTTH by 2018. MPT currently has over 80 FTTH clients in the Yangon area. Because MPT provides enterprise to enterprise level consulting and support, it is governed by MPT's SLA agreements, which require MPT to reimburse clients with engineering staff after determining the cause of the issue if the fiber Internet link is sluggish or defective.

Others such as 5BB and Myanmar Net also offer connection service in their respective area.

The MPT starts FTTH Internet services

The Myanmar-based provider MPT has started its Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) Internet services in select parts of Yangon's city center. A one-off reduced setup charge of 150,000 MMK is offered to households and small enterprises. Log in below to get full acces to the remainder of this item and all the messages you need.

Freezing the fiber optic link from major ISP' s

Myanmar's two major Internet services companies have discontinued adoption of fiber optic services to increase Internet connectivity. The two state telecommunications companies named Myanma Posts and Telecommunications (MPT) and Yatanarpon Teleport (YTP) have embarked on capacity-building, a project that could help to increase Internet speed, but for the time being new subscribers will not have a fiber optic link.

The YTP has received approval from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to expand the company's Internet penetration. Simultaneously, the telephone company is in discussions with the MPT executive board - which will include Japanese KDDI officers - to carry out the upgrading, said U Shane Thu Aung, CEO of Yatanarpon. Even though its upgrades have jammed, YTP said there will be buyers fiber outlets in two weeks after the company has added enough bandwidth to its facilities.

A MPT officer acknowledged that Teleco has also put new fiber optic connectivity deployments on hold. He also said that MPT's present plans - to raise the bandwith from 4GB to 10GB - are not definitive.

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