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Mt data package

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Myanmar's price of data is rising

It' s the end of the year, the celebration period and the cell phone companies have chosen to welcome us with a very festive Christmas present! One by one, the data plan of the cellular network providers has been reworked and adapted..... on the advance. Firstly, Ooredoo Data Paung Kuu, which was introduced in February 2017, has come to an end.

Paung Kuu have since been the lowest priced data packages on the open air with a mixing ratio of 1.2Ks per Mbyte. With up to 130GB in XL size, Paung Kuu was very much appreciated by heavier people. Telenor introduced the XL tendency a few day before the birth of Paung Kuu.

Norway's Data Parcel company has reduced its size to 120GB, but eventually opted for a move back and to replace Parcel with Data Suboo, which offers less data but still offers a very competitive pricing. Telenor also agreed in December to change the prices of its Suboo packages, and once again the prices are rising with a mixed rate near Ooredoo.

Also Telenor took the chance to bring a new package named Suboo RCV to the market. There''s no sensitive way to say this, but Suboo RCV is nothing other than a con. Firstly, you can buy Data Suboo 500MB for 799Ks. At the other end, if you speak 1,000Ks for this voucher named Data Suboo RCV, you get 500MB and 201Ks.

Colourful packing was the name of the MPT day and months data packets at the beginning of the year. In September, new months' packs were launched: Datacarry enables clients to transfer idle data from one to another one. MPT took Data Carry off the shelves in December and introduced new Cashback Data Packs.

Myanmar's prices for data on the move are hard to understand because they are. Untidy, filthy, underhanded, the cell phone companies fight fire with fire, post-doctoral graduations, start and end graduations as ephemerally as possible. In the current months all data providers have revised their data packages and fully adjusted them to a mixing ratio between 1.6Ks and 1.7Ks per MMB.

The Regulatory Authority may have applied for this pricing amendment in order to prevent a pricing conflict that could be damaging to the markets. The uneven pricing of these new schemes confirms this assumption. The Telenor rate per megabyte, for example, is not degressive at all. In order to make the contraceptive of this rise in prices sweeter, Ooredoo and MPT developed a new trick: a cash back campaign.

If the client activates a portable data package, he gets the package value back in a seperate premium-purse. When you look at the footer, this purse has a very restricted expiry date (5 for MPT and 7 for Ooredoo) and is only applicable to payments as you go data.

Down-sell possibilities are therefore very restricted for the cell phone provider. On the upside, Myanmar's wireless carriers are working hard to expand their networks to offer greater speeds to their subscribers.

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