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The Mpt data package

Myanmar Ooredoo launches Internet Night Packages. The data to be used for the examples of MPTinR. NIBCO's technical data sheets and catalogues contain technical and installation information. Packets, users must first deactivate all active postpaid data packages. They may have an outdated version of livelink or an outdated livelink database.

What can I do to verify the MPT data record? - Forum Myanmar

What can I do to verify the MPT data record? I' ve enabled the SWE data services and already charged it for 1GB Pack. By choosing *124# I knew that I could verify the funds in my bankroll, but this only shows how much Kyat is eligible. But is there any way to know how much data I have used and how much data I have left?

What can I do to verify the MPT data record? Sende Sie eine SMS, um Verify the baldo by transmitting "BAL" to 1331. Hi Chi Ching S, strange, I purchased my credit for 5000 Ks, sent an text to Poland and just received a note that my credit is 225 Ks and I need to top up my credit.

What can I do to verify the MPT data record? Thanks, I'm getting the recharge. Meanwhile I have noticed that I have to transmit "400MB" or "1GB" to number 1332 to get the data-file. What can I do to verify the MPT data record?

What can I do to verify the MPT data record?

Unleashing Data Carry Packs with MPT

The Myanmar -based provider MPT has launched a package that allows the user to take all data with them. The new MPT Data Pack can now be purchased by MPT clients up to 7 business day after the expiration date of their datapack. This means that data that is not used is available for 30 additional working day from the date of acquisition in addition to the new allotment.

Data Carry Packs are available at a start up cost of MMK 699.

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In 2018, two pure RTU providers began operations in a very restricted area with 4G: Ooredoo from Kuwait/Qatar and the Norwegian Telenor began their network in 2014. The two new arrivals were initially only present in Yangon (aka Rangoon), the new capitol Nay PyiTaw, Mandalay and some areas in between, but are expanding from there.

In early 2014, MPT had a 42% stake, followed by Telenor with 25% and Ooredoo with 13%. With 2G 900 and 3G 2100 and at the same time in an uncompatible CDMA net it offers the best cover in the whole state. The Ooredoo 3G net has only 900 GHz without using 2G.

The Telenor is considered the most dependable solution for data with a range of 2G 900 and especially 3G 2100 megahertz. The Vietel Group, supported by Vietnam, has recently been granted a forth licence, but it has not yet begun. The 4G/LTE was launched by all vendors in parts of Mandalay, Yangon and the capitol Naypyidaw in 2016 with 2100 megahertz ( "B1") bandwidth.

The year 2018 saw the start of two pure 4G/LTE grids from Mytel and Anada only in selected towns such as Yangoon. Because the data flow is untrustworthy, it can be difficult to make Voice over IP phone conversations, even over WiFi. The Ooredoo and Telenor rates include it, but MPT does not.

MPT (for Myanmar Posts and Telecommunications) has in the past destroyed its fame by charging an exorbitant amount of money for wireless connectivity, speech and data. By 2013, 200 US dollars had already been calculated for a data based UMTS smartphone, only two years later it was only 1.50 US dollars.

That estranged many who began to avoid MPT, although it is still the only option in many areas of Myanmar. Nevertheless, it has the best cover in the country. By the beginning of 2016, its 3G net had already covered 90% of the country as a whole. It has achieved a significant turn-around and was named the quickest cellular in 2016 by the Ookla test and will begin using 4G/LTE (see below).

The 4G/LTE official launch took place on May 30, 2017 in Yagon, NayPyiTaw and Mandalay at 1800 megahertz ("band 3"). For MPT customers with older, incompatible UMTS devices, all MPT brand shops in Yangon, Mandalay and Naypyitaw can exchange them for new 4G enabled devices at no surcharge.

Your phone number will be available in many places where you can see your company name, even if they are not as prominent as Ooredoo or Telenor. In the arrival area of Yangon International Park there is a large shop. As of January 2015, they have been charging 1,500 Kyat for the 500 Kyat loan package.

For all new users, you can receive extra credits if you top up for the first refill within 7 working nights after activation: In order to enable your mobile device, you will need to insert your mobile device into your telephone, turn on your telephone and make a call or top up your account with one of its recharge cassettes.

MPT reworked its account validation schedule in 2016: clients who recharge their cell phone account are now extended to one year now. Shal Tahar: Switch to *234*2#, high speed data, 6 Ks per Mbyte, Shal Pyaw: Switch to *234*3#, high speed data, 8 Ks per Mbyte, Shwe Zagar: Switch to *234*4#, high speed data, 8 Ks per Mbyte.

These" carries on" packs for 30 nights are available in Swe Tahar, Shal Pyaw and Shwe Zagar. Residuals will be added to your next order if you buy within 7 working nights of the end of the package. Select *777# for a list of currently available data package choices or use the numbers below:

You can also attach a "colourful data package" with 260 Mbytes for 399 Ks up to *2001# for further data. Facebook, Line and Viber are included, but no Voice over IP (VoIP) usage: After all, these packets are output for night operation (11 p.m. - 7 a.m.): To see a complete listing of all parcels (daily, month, socially, etc.), as well as other items such as switching languages, select *106# and navigate through the menu.

In order to verify the account for all parcels, write BAL to 1331 or use U SD *224# for which you will receive seperate text messaging from your credit, credits and data credits. If you are a tourist in Myanmar, you can buy a dedicatedIM card only in the MPT Shop at Yangon International Airport in both of them.

You have 5 GB data and 5,000 Ks. 10 -day deposits. The standard packet data rates are 6 Ks. per MB. In 2014, Telenor finished second in the competition with Orreedoo: they only started their networks in Mandalay and Yangon. Mandalay, Yangon, Sagaing, Bago, Magway, Ayeyarwaddy, Kayin, Mon, Kachin, Shan, Kayah, Nay Pyi Taw and Tanintharyi make it the largest 3G net in the state.

Your covers are the same as the greens and blues: Actual supply card. That' 50% of Myanmar and broader than Ooredoo. They' re quickly developing a global ecosystem, have already outdone Ooredoo and plan to reach 80% of Myanmar by the end of the century.

They' re so popular that their networks are already overloaded in Yangon and Mandalay city centres, but it is still considered the most trusted option for data in these areas. In contrast to Ooredoo, Telenor is building a "classic" 2G and 3G networks. The 4G/LTE has begun in the towns of Yangon, Mandalay, Nay Pyi Taw, Myawady and Muse and will be commercialized in 2016 on the rather uncommon 2100-megahertz ( "band 1") bandwidth.

YourIMs are available on virtually every road surface where they are (and sometimes even beyond). There is a point of sale at Yangon ICAO directly at the baggage reclaim area, which is trapped between the coin changer before it passes through duty. As standard you are only set to 2G up to edg for data.

In order to enable 3G data, write "SMART" to 500. The standard data volume is 8 kyat per megabyte. Customize your maximum data speed: These data packets are provided for 30 consecutive nights with data rollover. Use *124# to verify the data account balances and *124*1#. Parcels can be posted more than once.

Residual funds will be credited to your next order if you make a purchase within 7 business hours of the end of the package. They began selling a tourist SIM in 2015. At a retail cost of 15,000 Kyat, 14 -day traffic of 5 GB of data and 50 minutes of minutes to all nets is available to users.

It is only available at a few tourist-oriented locations: It was taken off from Yangon International Airport in 2016 and is now also available at the Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw airport desks. The first to revolutionise Myanmar's wireless system. She began her work in August 2014 in Yangon, Naypyitaw and Mandalay.

Thg and 4g cover card. Oredoo has only launched a 3G net at 900 megahertz. They were the first to launch 4G/LTE in the 1800 -2100 range in 2016 in parts of Yangon, Mandalay and the capitol NayPyiTaw: The 4G cover listing. By 2017, its 3G will cover 85% of the total 3G and 4G/LTE in Yangon, Mandalay, Nay Pyi Taw and Bagan and Magwe.

Wherever you see your company name, you probably have cover. Your pre-paid start package is on sale at every road edge together with your two rivals. The Ooredoo gives a 10 Mg. free upgrade. On 3G/4G, data is enabled by Ooredoo by default and calculated at 6 Ks per GB. You are offering these packages:

This month packs are available with data rollover: You will receive an text message to inform you when your package is expiring or has been fully used. We do not renew your package for you. You will be billed for the usual data fees if you do not buy a new package when your latest package is expiring or has been fully used but you still have online use.

When you buy a new package before the old one runs out, it overwrites any data that has not been used. Only for Facebook they are offering these packages: These kits are available for night-time use: You have started operating under the MyTel trademark and introduced a pure 2G and 4G 3G skipping net in 2018.

The Mytel LTE networks in the Nay Pyi Taw, East Bago and Kayin State areas have already been activated and the first SIM card sales started in March 2018. However, it only covers speech and SMS and the data default for 5 working nights, not data packets. This 30-day month pack s are available: for Facebook, FB Messenger and Viber they provide these 30-day pack s: for night-time use they provide these 23:00-7:00 noon: the following are available: Facebook, FB Messenger and Viber:

In Yangon, Mandalay and Bago, the company already offers fiber-to-the-home service under the'5BB' name.

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