Mpt Cdma 800 Internet Setting

Mt Cdma 800 Internet setting

What about existing MPT mobile users (GSM/WCDMA/CDMA) if they have not made the manual APN setting, are they able to receive Internet Setting Service? GSM, WCDMA, CDMA, MEC( setting) GSM, WCDMA, CDMA, MEC Mec (1500) Card Internet setting 1. MTP also announced new call and Internet packages. 237*1#; 800 MB for 7 nights: Only the incumbent operator, the former Ministry of Post and Telecommunications (MPT), was involved.

New fees for MPT disappoint clients

On January 12, Myanma Posts and Telecommunications (MPT) will introduce new tariffs for Internet, phone and text messaging as well. MPT clients are paying 10,000 Ks for using the new "Swe Thahar" program, 25 Ks per call for the Internet, 15 Ks per text message and 15 Ks per MMB.

Additionally, Ks 25 are billed to three allocated numbers per call within a specified period of inactivity. New internet fees are much higher than at Ooredoo and Telenor. Replacing the card is free of charge if the user has not caused the loss. Others such as CDMA 800 and CDMA 450 are not covered by the substitute program.

The MPT also announces new call and Internet packets. Ks 25 per second are calculated when the user writes "480MIN" to 1332. The MPT calculates Ks 5,000 for a 400 Mbyte schedule to be used within a single mont. The price of a 1 GB Internet map is 10,000 Ks. As an alternative, Ooredoo and Telenor only load Ks 6,900 for 1gb flat.

According to MPT, in the case of time-based schedules, the user would have 256kbps for 3G-nets and 128kbps for 2G-networks. It is MPT's hope that its cellular phone coverage will exceed 70 percent of the nation by 2016 and that more than one million UMTS will be sold each year.


Myanmar is in its first mandate as president of a democracy government. Following the first Democrat election in nearly five decades in 2010, President Thein Sein was voted to head Myanmar in March 2011. Auctions for two licences were recently published by multinational telecoms companies such as Axiata, Bharti, Ooredo, Telenor, Airtel, China Mobile and others.

MCIT on June 27 reported that Telenor and Ooredoo (also known as Qatar Télécom or Q-Tel) have received licences to develop Myanmar's telecommunication networks and operate a countrywide radio communications system in Myanmar. Licences were granted in February 2014. At the same time, the drafting of the new Telecommunication Act was started and adopted on October 8, 2013.

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