Mpt call Center Phone number

Mt Call Center phone number

MPT Myanmar CALL CENTER - Operation Support (Senior Staff) Today, it runs a countrywide wireless communications infra-structure with the largest wireless penetration of 96% across Myanmar. On June 30, 2016, Millward Brown, a UK based multi-national research company, named MPT the most popular of Myanmar's 42 major retail trade flags. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us

Client services and top of the line tunings. Given a combination of almost two decade-long tunin ing-experience and a strong emphasis on personalized client care, the answer should be: "Why not MPT? "Vehicle calibration and tuning: At MPT, we are focused on writing the best possible writing experiences available on the markets today for the platform we work with.

Rather, we are a small group of committed calibration engineers and professional customerservice personnel who are striving for excellence in everything we do. Dynocom's 15,000 load-bearing Dynocom drivers ensure that we have the research and production times to ensure all the pieces we have written and the parts we are selling will give you the boost to your investment.

MPT Performance, our MPT store, uses a Dynocom 15000 roller dynamometer with a speed of up to 225mph and 2200+ hp. When it comes to tunings, we are your resource and your solutions for your tunes and email tunes. We specialize in customizing. Most of the times you drive between the headlights, idling up to 4000 revs.

Service and experience: We not only adhere to higher quality levels than most others when it comes to the development of our pieces, but also after the sales. If you have problems with our service or product, you can be sure that we are only a phone call or an e-mail away.

We' re pleased to help you with any question about our songs or the customizing procedure before or after you have decided to join the MPT family. Plus, you always get a true, expert calibrators to help you with your queries, and they will always give you the right answers, not something you might be reading somewhere on the inter-enter.

At MPT Tunes we believe in customer care and the highest possible standards of workmanship. The assessments and feedbacks we receive show our standard of customer care. We at MPT believe that in order to offer top-notch services, a company needs to know about the product it sells.

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