Mpt Adsl Internet Service

Adsl Internet Service

Broadband wireless access: MPT Satellite Terminal. Home Internet services (dial-up, ADSL, FTTH, wireless and broadband). A lot of internet caf├ęs and inns work with expensive, newly installed ADSL lines. Speed IP address: Broadband (cable/DSL) Internet speed. POTS, ADSL, FTTx VoIP, FTTx Internet.

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Which is different from ADSL? - ADSL service is with cooper wire connection, while FTTH is with fibre optic connection. I' m outside the service area. Can' t I use MPT's high-speed Internet? - MPT supplied LTE+, high-speed 4G wireless Internet. Customers can use LTE+ in many areas in Yangon.

Try our high-speed Internet service with LTE+. Is it possible to use 2Mbps / 5Mbps / 10Mbps at any while? Our service is based on best performance and 2Mbps / 5Mbps / 10Mbps are the highest performance the client can have. - If the service is used by many clients at the same moment, the service may have a lower performance than the top-end.

But MPT will ensure a certain amount of performance for each user so that they can use the Internet even when the service is overloaded. - No, there is no limitation of use and the client can use the internet indefinitely.

City residents receive only two ADSL connections for Internet access

Myanmar Post and Tele-Communication (MPT) has provided only two of the six Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) subscribers for Internet access in Ye Town, Mon State. MPT provided the two DSLs by lottery on September 22, according to Ye Town's ADSL applicant. The raffle had already been requested by 34 Ye Town inhabitants, but five of these pipelines were previously offered to Kaba Yatana Bank, Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP), MCC Computer Training, Rainbow Electronic Material Sales Shop and Mya Myint-Moe Hotel.

Ye Social Society (Ye Social Society, YSS) rejects the pre-sale agreed on 15 September in negotiations with the township manager. One ADSL line and another reserved ADSL line shall be made available to a lottery of notifiers. Having the thirty-four candidates who have already obtained the ADSL in advanced, as well as those in Aung-minkalaw, Aung Thukha and Aung Myinthar, where entry to ADSL connections in uncomfortable, twenty-six candidates stayed for the last ADSL subscription.

Of these twenty-six tickets, the last two ADSL links were won by Ko Moe Aung, the electronics shop proprietor, and Ko Aung Soe, the holder of the Soe-pye Tea Ship. Ye Town's MPT's 2.75 GPU had trouble for Ye Town's locals, and now folks can congregate in places with ADSL to get free Wi-Fi.

The MPT introduced new charges for ADSL usage in November 2012, with 50,000 kyats for upfront setup charges, 17,000 kyats per month for those using a 256 kbps link and 80,000 kyats per month for those using 2.5 Mbps. This is the first chance that the inhabitants of Ye Town have been given such an option.

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