Mpt Adsl

Mt Adsl

Connect MPT (ADSL) to Messenger. Broadband wireless access: MPT Satellite Terminal. "Your Internet tariffs are very expensive and MPT's ADSL costs less than their tariffs. The modem must be an Adsl modem. Internet access for home use in cities other than Yangon and Mandalay is the only ADSL service provided by MPT.

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MPT will release a new suite of ADSL Home Networking maps at significantly lower rates as of April 1, 2018. Previously, clients had to pay an annuity of 52,500 MMK. However, now, with MPT's new ADSL plan, there will be no renewal charges this year and savings of up to 52,500 Kyats per year for clients.

In addition, as a way to subscribe to MPT ADSL, 512 Kbps, 1.0 Mbps and 1.5 Mbps will increase in rate for about the same as before. 2 Mbit/s and 2.5 Mbit/s will increase to 3 Mbit/s at significantly lower rates than before. Coupled with the elimination of the renewal fees for new schemes, all clients will pay less over 12 month, with significant improvements in time.

Consumers should be mindful that MPT ADSL service requires a car phone pass. Learn more about car phone service in the dedicated currency exchanges or in the Department of Information and Technology in 8 Mile, Mayangone Township.

Mbt Myanmar | Move Myanmar forward

Which is different from ADSL? - FTTH is with fibre optic connection. I' m outside the services area. Can' t I use MPT's high-speed web? - MPT supplied LTE+, high-speed 4G wireless web. Customers can use LTE+ in many areas in Yangon.

Try our high-speed LTE+ web-services. Is it possible to use 2Mbps / 5Mbps / 10Mbps at any while? Our services are based on best performance and 2Mbps / 5Mbps / 10Mbps are the highest performance the client can have. - When used by many clients at the same timeframe, the performance may be lower than the top end of the range.

But MPT will ensure a certain amount of performance for each user so that they can use the web even when the services are overloaded. - No, there is no limitation of use and the client can use the web indefinitely.

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