And Moxie is a modern marketing agency. Use Moxie in a sentence. Customer loyalty software from Moxie solves customer problems, increases sales and increases customer satisfaction. The Moxie brand of carbonated beverages was one of the first mass-produced soft drinks in the United States. Look at the very different story of Moxie.

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Merriam's Defining Moxie

Frozen Moxie! Maybe you might have listened to the scream of such a sellers at a ball games - if you were there in 1924. This was the blossoming of the refreshment product Moxie, which some say sold out Coca-Cola at the peak of its appeal. It was a favourite of the US author E. B. White, who wrote: "Moxie contains the roots of entians, that's the way to a good one.

Until 1930 Moxie had become a synonym for nerves and drive, perhaps because some thought that the beverage was a restorative that could heal practically any disease and return even the most unlethargic of individuals to her.

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