Moving to Yangon

Move to Yangon

Yangon, the largest city in Myanmar (formerly Burma) and former capital, lies at the confluence of the mighty Yangon and Bago rivers. It depends a lot on where the person comes from, but Ill notes some important things here. Yangon, the former capital, attracts many international travellers and expats. Move to Yangon and look for a studio/apartment/flat, just an accommodation? You moving to Myanmar?

Move to Yangon

Yangon, the biggest town in Myanmar (formerly Burma) and former capitol, lies at the junction of the powerful Yangon and Bago rivers. Later in the 1800s, Yangon (Rangoon) in Britain prided itself on gardens, seas, infrastructure and buildings reminiscent of London, which earned it the name GardenCity of the East. It' simple to get to Yangon, whether you choose a cab, a river cruise or a boat.

Although Yangon is largely destitute, it is one of the surest major towns in Asia. Burma remains the most populous and ethnic rich town in Burma with large southernasiatic, chinesischen and Indien towns. Dining out is cheaper and Yangon has a good selection of places to eat. Burmese is the most widely uttered foreign tongue, while English is by far the primary second one.

Expatriates settling here will be facilitated to know that despite strong regional restrictions, it is possible to watch TV and films from abroad via the web and via TV satellites, albeit at a very high cost. So what is it that makes your hometown different or something new? Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is an important traveler' s paradise.

Yangon, the capitol, has the 2,500-year-old Shwedagon pit, the largest pit in the canyon. Myanmar is home to a wide variety of civilizations with many different traits. Although there are many distinctions between these individuals, all of Myanmar's inhabitants are renowned for their hosts.

So what are a newcomer's first glimpses of your town? It is a nice verdant town, apparently unaffected by modernisation. The country-style charms are unmatched in today's evolving towns. Yangon impresses immediately with the wealth of plants, gardens and ponds that make it easier to find some peace and quiet away from the hectic pace of the town.

It can take some getting used to the slowly speed and relaxed approach of humans. Burma is largely undiscovered and has no access to international investments due to penalties. Opening up the business world will bring significant economic and human gains. Some say, however, that it will loose its singular charme.

Which is the national tongue? The Myanmar Laguage (Burmese) is the one. Burmese has over 100 different languages, but most Myanmar residents know Burmese. If I didn't know the languages, how easy could I be living in this town? Expatriates usually have no problem without mastering the English course. Much of Yangon's restaurant and catering industry is now trying to win international clients by providing simple English speaking facilities.

It is advisable to engage a tour leader if you are planning to hike from Yangon or the most important expatriate areas. Which are good things to keep in mind so as not to offend the other inhabitants of this town? Myanmar is a Buddhist way of living and should be respectful at all time.

For more information on culture consciousness, please email Crown Yangon. Anything else I should know about the overall nature of your town or its inhabitants? And Yangon is a nice, secure town.

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