Movies for Myanmar

Films for Myanmar

International films in Burma. Film footage from the Mobile Movies Prototyping trip in Myanmar. So, I enjoyed the series of annual cinema threads and thought I would make one for movies from all over the world. Hindi movie mania in Myanmar.

Yangon Memorial Film Festival - Homepage

Burmese talent at the Locarno Open Door Festival 2018. Every year the Myanmar Cinema generation's representation at the Open Door / Locarno Festival is strengthened, which demonstrates the dynamics of the Myanmar movie business. Beneath the formal line-up of Open Door 2018, Myanmar Script Fund shortlists : - Maw Naing is chosen for his new THE WOMEN (Ma) at the Open Door Hub (August 1-7).

Maw Naing was a Myanmar Script Fund 2017 finisher........ - Ma Aeint, Electronic Pictures Artist, will be chosen in the Open Door Lab (August 1-7). Aient was a Myanmar Script Fund 2016 finisher. There are two brief highlights that will also present Myanmar's movie making industries that have been chosen for Open Door's screenings: Remember that MSF 2018 is now open (1st and 2. features are funded).

Open Doors is a part of the Locarno Internacional Filmfestival (Switzerland) and includes three major activities: the Open Door Hub and the Open Door Lab series. Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan & Sri Lanka.

Long evening film - Review of Mingalar Diamond Cineplex, Mandalay, Myanmar

Mingalar Diamond Cineplex is situated on the fifth storey of Yadanarbon Market, which was one of the oldest stores in Mandalay and is now a commercial centre known as Diamond Plaza or Diamond Centres. There are 3 cinemas, each with five different hours from 10:00 to 21:30 or two different films distributed throughout the year.

Movies don't often vary per months. They are in English (because they are US/engl movies), and when I went to the film clock "Dracula Untold", there were no Myanmar caption. Cinemas are equipped with A/C, 2-D and 3-D films, 7.1 Doly Digital sound. It seems like it' s natural for people in Burma to take a call, chatter on their cell and speak to their buddies during the film.

The price is very low and starts from about 1500 kyats (1.5 USD) to 3000 kyats (3 USD). On the last line (for about 3000 Kyat) there are even twin beds for two! Beverages and refreshments are available outside the cinemas at very low cost (1 liter sodium hydroxide 300 karat (0.30 USD).

So, if you are in Mandalay and have nothing to do in the evenings (and have nothing to do in the evenings), go there and have some cheaper time.

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