Mount Zwekabin

Mt Zwekabin

Mountain Two Cabin The Golden Hill Tower is an exclusive flat that has been designed for you. Situated in the best raised country of Yangon, the two-story Golden Hill Tower provides extraordinary levels of intimacy, safety and stunning vistas of the town and the fascinating Shwedagon Pagoda. 24-26 Kaba Aye Pagoda Road, Bahan Township, Yangon, Myanmar.

The THUTA Engineering & Trading Service is a group of professional engineers and technologists dedicated to meeting the needs of Myanmar's industrial and commercial sector by offering high level of service in these areas. No. 972(A), Than Thu Mar Road, 5 Ward, South Okkalapa Tsp., Yangon, Myanmar.

Two-cabin lift to go into service next year

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The Doppelmayr Group of Switzerland and Garaventa, the same firms that have constructed a ropeway on the Isle of Sentosa in Singapore, are the company's partner, says U Banya Zaw. "Four priests started the ropeway on Mount Zwekabin five years ago for the state of Kayin, but it was not a triumph.

That' s why our business started it again last year and will continue it until completion," he said. You will be installing two buses; each will be able to take 51 passengers on the expected four-minute trip, which will be costing K5000 each for local and international passengers to the top of the mountains, said U Banya Zaw.

Hpa-an, the main town of Kayin, is six hours by car from Yangon, which is why local people go there on weekends. It is known for its calcareous caverns and mountaineering. Hpa-an welcomes about 600,000 national and 300,000 international travelers each year, according to the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism.

About 79,000 domestic and international travelers come to Hpa-an each and every months, so Kayin has very good tourist potential," he said. Myanmar's first funicular went to Golden Rock Mountain on Kyaik Htee Yoe Mountain last December. Sky Asia Company's $20 million Sky Asia Company will be a South Korean company owned by Sky International Co Ltd and Myanmar-based Asia International Fisheries Co Ltd.

There are 44 cars in operation, each of which can transport eight passengers on the 10-minute journey. K3000 for Myanmar and K14.100 for overseas.

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