Mount Zwegabin Myanmar

Mt Zwegabin Myanmar

Myanmar, Hpa-an: Dawn on Mount Zwegabin Hpa-an and its verdant countryside were one of the high points of our journey through Myanmar. Before our first coach even reached us, we fell in love with the wonderful scenery of the verdant lime rocks. At that point we had no clue that the views from Mount Zwegabin would also surpass that.

We' ll let you know in this post which places of interest and adventures you should not miss in Hpa-an in Myanmar. In first place is the ascent of Zwegabin, one of our most sweaty but also most spectacular adventures in Myanmar. Situated about six hour by coach just south of Yangon, Hpa-an is the opposite of your big cityscape.

Sure, in the center of a town of 50,000 people there is a lot of turbulence, but the remainder of Hpa-an, especially the surroundings, is just happiness. Hpa-an, nestling between the Thanlwin River and the calcareous rocks, is certainly one of Myanmar's most beautiful travel spots. The majority of tourists are attracted by the imposing lime stone caverns that abound here in Hpa-an.

The Kyauk Ka Lat Pagoda is another place of frequent visit. Kyauk Ka Lat Pagoda deserves to be one of the most widely taken symbols of Hpa-ans. Undoubtedly, the best peak of our journey in Hpa-an was found on the Zwegabin peak. Dawn was one of the most wonderful times of our whole Myanmar-journey.

It took us a few long hours to decide whether we should take up the exhausting task of climbing Zwegabin. Arrival to the start of the Zwegabin hike: Simply pass the Buddhas on a roller until you reach a small parking lot. It is a good distance from the center of Hpa-an: you should travel at least 25 min on a roller.

In Hpa-an most of the people booking a guide through the cave and temple themselves, so you can mark many more places of interest in a relatively small area. However, we have chosen to go to the cave and temple with our own scooters. Though we have not seen as many caverns as you may have seen on a trip, we have seen much more of the wonderful natural surroundings on our own.

We didn't want to miss the largest Hpa-an cavern of course, so we drove about 30 minutes on our motorbike via sand paths to the square. Sadan Cave's size is really amazing! What bothered us most, however, and unfortunately is often the case in Myanmar, were the blinking, luminous LEDs everywhere.

All in all, we can't say that this cavern made too good a first impact on us, but in Myanmar this is a sensation we unfortunately know all too well. Nevertheless, we are happy that we have been to Sadan Caves. Sadan is indeed the biggest cavern in Hpa-an, but there is much more to be found in the area.

Unfortunately, we didn't make it to the bat den, which is known to have a thousand bat flies out of the caves just before sundown into the gold sky - what a bust! Also the Kawgon caves with their impressing cliff structure is interesting.

She has her own Hpa picture postcards located to the southern part of the city centre: The Kyauk Ka Lat Pagoda is located in the midst of a pond and is a very picturesque area. You are also recommended to scoot the paddy paddies around Hpa-an (more about scouring in Hpa-an later in this article).

Coming from the center of the town, go southwards (along Yone Kone Road). It is also the beginning of the Zwegabin climb. Approximately 500 metres before the Hpa-an Lodge turn right into a dirt track. You will soon be in the middle of nice paddy paddies.

We recommend that you combine the paddy paddies with a tour to Kyauk Ka Lat Pagoda. Visiting the Lumbini Garden can be perfectly complemented by a walk to Zwegabin Mountain, which begins just behind it. Hpa-an Lodge is currently the most attractive, but also the most costly lodge in Hpa-an.

Though we had a much lower day trip to Myanmar, we just couldn't help but decide to stay two night at Hpa-An Lodge. The Hpa-an Lodge is the perfect place to stay. It was a real luck with our hut, we had the best views of the mountain from our patio.

That the Hpa-an is not in the center, but about 20 min. away, didn't disturb us for a second, because with our motorbike we could easily move around. We could also get to places and rides much faster from the Iodge. If you want to indulge in some luxurious accommodation in Myanmar, we can strongly advise you to visit the Hpa-an Resort.

Thai village eatery is situated outside the center of the town on the opposite side of the rivier. When you take the roller, you are crossing the viaduct from the center (Than Lwin Bridge), then turn to your right when you see a road-signs with the name of the place. While this proves to be a big challange in Myanmar, we found it in the Veranda Youth Café.

In contrast to many other places like Bagan or Ngapali, Hpa-an currently still allows visitors to hire normal motorcycles. Were you in Hpa-an in Myanmar and do you have some tales to tell? Would you like to go to Hpa-an soon and maybe have a query for us?

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