Mount Zwegabin Monastery

Zwegabin Monastery

At the beginning of November we spent one night in the monastery on Mount Zwegabin. Monastery overnight - Review of Mount Zwegabin, Hpa An, Myanmar It was an astonishing monastic outing. Good meals and tough bedding for a small "donation" to the monastery. Zwegabin is the highest limestone peak in Hap An, about 2372 feet high. The hike to the top of the hill takes about 3 hours and up there is a monastery and a Buddha's head covered wreath.

From the monastery, the view of the walk is truly stunning! When I found some bed bugs, I decided to change my opinion - that was to be anticipated, but I had been hoping that it would not be the case. I think we went quite quickly, and it took me 1.5 h to get to the monastery - so many strides!

Punctually for sundown, we were asked for our 5000'donation' and later it was only a touristic dinning room, in which one pays another 2000 for meals. 2 nights before my arrival in Thailand I wanted to remain in Hpa-An. Hpa An is a small city, irrigated by the Thanlwin Fluvial and encircled by calcareous mounds and mountain ranges, full of many larger and smaller caverns, inhabited by thousand of Buddha-figures!

Go on a 1-day trip or hire a motorcycle and see many small magical caverns with Buddha-statures. Try another 4,000 steps up to Zwegabinberg. It took me 1.5-2 hrs on a wet afternoon to get up! A cozy place to discover and to have a look at the giant lying Buddha on the hills!

So, here are the suggestions for your schedule in Hpa-An! Were you on Mount Zwegabin?

Overnight stay in the monastery ("Mt Zwegabin")

As I visited Hpa An, I quickly added something to my pail shortlist - an accommodation in a monastery on the top of Mt Zwegabin. Wherever the friars are. That' s after the ascent of almost 4000 stairs to the very top, in the ridiculously hot weather. I and Tino (my traveling companion from Myanmar) got to know about the monastery just before we arrived in Hpa An, so of course, as soon as we check into our hotel - we asked for more information.

However, due to the rain fall and the precipitous stairs on the way to the 750-metre-high summit, this is not possible. So we drove to Mount Zwegabin. Attempt to do it for dawn or dusk - it will make your adventure even more memorable.

This may not be a big thing, but you have to rely on me - taking these strides in the madness will be a real sporting one. Clothing: Changing clothing (you will need it). 5,000 MMK (£3): When you get to the top you will be asked to make a contribution for the night.

2,000 MMK (£1.20): If you want to eat early in the mornings. Tip: It is recommended to try the renting the previous working days - we succeeded in getting the owners to return the scooter the next mornings at 8 am.

It' about 30 minutes and the cab will take you directly to the foot of the hill. It has two sides southwest - the most beloved by visitors because of the magnificent views of the hundred Buddhas and a monastery at the bottom. So we opted for the setting sun and had about 1,5 / 2 hour time - we chose the east side.

Seriously precipitous stairs and my hypersensitivity (plus my disability) - made it look like the tiles were driving me in the opposite direction. On the stairs there are a few small falls / creeks that make you think you are running on an icy ring. But that'?s why you have to get changed.

Upon your arriving at Zwegabin Mountain, you will be asked to make a gift and will be given a cord / bracelet. When we got there, we dumped our pockets and ran for sundown. Sundown, the view, the green, even the flooding that made it strangely pretty - it was all so dreary.

The one thing to remember is to look at the bed bugs - I do it everywhere I live, even in friendly places. It' the top of the hill is totally concealed. When I saw the wonderful sun set last evening and consider getting my only dried clothing soaked. One of the friars asked us, after we had packed our pockets and thanked him for our unbelievable visit, to come and see his favourite one.

Yes, you will most likely be awakened by the starving apes that wait outside the room or somewhere in the monastery for the monks' meals. Respect those who live on the top of the hill, because it is a monastery - dress appropriately.

When it is raining and your clothing gets soaked - it probably only dries in the mornings, due to the humid meteorological condition on the summit of Zwegabin. Now, once again - get a dress alteration.

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