Mount Zwegabin Hpa an

Zwegabin Hpa mountain

Ascent of Zwegabin in Hpa An, Myanmar The Zwegabin - a hill about 10 kilometres southwards of the city - is one of the most intriguing adventures. One of the things that makes this hill so interesting is that you can not only ascend it and admire its breath-taking view, but also spend the night in a convent on its summit. If you are planning to ascend the hill and stay in the convent, you should take your large baggage with you to the guesthouse. Grab a small purse each, get enough rain and get on your way to the hill. It is not far to the Zwegabin of Hpa An.

It is also possible to select which side of the hill you want to ascend - the eastern or western side. From the eastern side, we chose to ascend. Mostly there are steps made of cement that wrap around the hill and have enough places to relax in between. Make sure you take enough bottled up with you, as you will probably be sweating a lot!

Instead of a large room where we would be sleeping with other travellers, we got a small room with separated bed. Nevertheless we had a good stay there and could enjoy the view. In the evenings we used to enjoy the view and the ambience, the sound of the breeze and the prayer of the people.

So we went to sleep and agreed to get up early the next mornin' to watch the sun rise. Around 5 a.m. we awakened and drove to the other side of the hill to see the sun rise. Unfortunately it was a little overcast, but we could still have a beautiful look over the neighbouring hills.

We had a small breakfeast and a cup of tea and after we dodged a bunch of apes that came all of a sudden (it seems as if they would come at dawn), we lowered the hill further, this one from the north. As we approached the foot of the hill, we saw a plain surrounded by several hundred Buddha-statures.

All in all we can strongly advise a visit to the Zwegabin cloister. There are more and more visitors walking up this hill and you have to part with the idea of just staying the whole day with a monk and practising yourselves.

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