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An exhaustive list of activities in Mawlamyine, Burma Myanmar. Visiting Mawlamyine (Moulmein) in Burma (Myanmar) They are looking for genuine ways to get to know the places that could make up your journey. This activity reflects some of the most enjoyable adventures they had during their visit to Moulmein (Mawlamyine), accompanied by the best native coaches. On your personal guide you will discover all the important sights that will give you a general feeling for the city and how people live in it.

On the way you will see some of the most important monasteries, such as the Seine Don Convent and the Picot, a small square and a local foodhop.

Moulmein, Myanmar

MAWLAMYINE, Myanmar - On the steps of the great buddhistic sanctuary of Moulmein, Rudyard Kipling, a famous author, was encouraged to write one of the most anthologised poetry in the world. "At the old Moulmein pit, looking lazily at the ocean / There's a Burmese gal on the settin," and I know she thinks of me.

His rising, gold-plated stupa shimmers on a mountain crest with a view of a town full of green and water areas that has preserved connections to Britain's settlement history recorded by Kipling. 2. Myanmar ladies he noted can also be seen there, some carrying the classic Asian long rejected Sarong, others chat on smart phones while circumnavigating the Stupa in a real buddhistic way.

Mawlamyine ( "as Moulmein is now formally written) is still far from the mainstream of the word, partly because of its geographical location, despite the intrusion of advanced technologies and being the 4th biggest town in Myanmar. It is a long, 186 mile trip from Myanmar's mainland gate to Yangon, the other flight alternatives are a shaky rail trip or occasional fly.

There are still few visitors in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, following the end of the 2011 junta government and the election win of pro-democracy leaders Aung San Suu Kyi last year. Recently our celebration took the most beautiful trip to Mawlamyine: by road from Yangon to Hpa-An, the comfortable capitol of the Karen state Myanmar, and from there by rented boats down the Salween, one of the longest, still freely running streams in the game.

A lot of these relicts of the British Raj are preserved along with mausoleums, Hindus and even a piece of Americaa, which reflects the great variety of Mawlamyine. In the vicinity there is the 1887 built and still used today English St. Mathew's Cathedral, although like many of the historical building of the town it is in a pictorial state of decay:

Vegation sprouting from the peeled brickwalls and the bell is erected at 6:54 pm. Some of Myanmar's finest woodcarvings ordered by Queen Sein Don, one of the 45 wives of the second to last Myanmar royal family, are in the small abbey building.

After Mandalay was confiscated by the British in 1885, the Empress came here and brought her artisans from the King's capitol. The work they did has a particular value, as the King's Castle of Mandalay and most of its art resources were damaged during the Second World War. Mawlamyine' s Buddha shrine remains intact, but the town' s cultural legacy, together with its uniqueness, is under threat.

However, a ray of light comes from Yangon, where the Yangon Heritage Trust is leading a generally acclaimed drive to rescue the city's great monumental architectural colonies from bulldozers and dilapidation.

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