Moulmein (Mawlamyine) is just one of the places you can visit on your tailor-made trip to Burma. Moss ( Disambiguating ) The Moulmein (recently "Mawlamyine") is the 4th biggest town of Myanmar (Burma). The Moulmein may also relate to the following: The Moulmein Road, a Singaporean road called after the above town. Moulmein Jalan, a small village in George Town, Malaysia, called after the above town. Constituency, a former election station in Singapore.

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Moulmein (Mawlamyine)

Myanmar's 4th biggest town, Maslamyine (350,000 inhabitants), is about 300 kilometres from Yangon in the state of Mon. From 1826 to 1852, Moulmein or Moawlamyine was the first British-Burmese capitol before moving to Yangon. Principal industrial sectors were tea tree, natural gas plantations and travel exports. The colonization gave richness to this town and so some old settlement houses can be seen.

It' s a pity that these have not been retained and have been substituted by contemporary cement structures. Perhaps the most interesting of these are the missionary churches. Tip #1: Stroll the Upper Main Rd and discover the church. From Yangon and Dawei you can reach Milllamyine by car and train.

There' also a highway to Thailand. However, most people say that eating on the streets is good. Mein Town Café (Strandstraße) offers for the occidental language (burgers and spaghetti), great coffees and free WIFI, reasonable rates, great place to relax and refresh as it has AC.

Beergarden 2 (Strand Road), nice designs from Myanmar and tigers. It'?s a classic burmesian brewery dinner. Burma's beach roads have everything from barbecue spits and tasty curry to roast pasta at the beach street nightspot. Naturally, everything can be rinsed off with a can of Myanmar or Singha beers.

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