The motto (derived from the Latin muttum,'mother', about the Italian motto,'word','sentence') is a maxim; a sentence formally summarising the general motivation or intention of a person, family, social group or organisation. Plural mottos, also mottos. " The Crossroads of America" is the motto of the state of Indiana. If complicated ideas get lost in space, a good motto can remind you of what is really important - a short sentence or phrase expressing a belief or purpose: your motto is "work hard, play hard".

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One motto (derived from the Roman mother,'mother', about the Greek motto,'word','sentence')[1][2][3] is a motto; a sentence that is intended to summarise the general motivations or intentions of a person, household, group or organisation [2][3] mottoes are usually found in writing (as opposed to a slogan that can also be verbally expressed) and can come from long tradition of societal trusts or from important incidents, such as a civil conflict or a revolu-tion.

One motto can be in any of the languages, but Latin is widely used, especially in the West. There is often a motto under the sign in a band in the Heraldic style; this positioning dates from the Middle Ages, in which the overwhelming majority of the nobility had a crest and a motto.

Spanish emblems can have a motto in the border of the shield[5] In the heroic world, the words "call to gather" or "battle banner" are also used, which originate from the cry of slaughter and are usually above the emblem.

There are no coats of escutcheons on slogans in the British heroic scene and they can be adopted and modified at will. Slogans in Scotland can only be altered by matriculating with the Lord Lyon King of Arm. 6 ] Although very uncommon and perhaps outside normal heroic practices, there are some instances of the special look of the roll and the characters on it;[7] a striking example is the front of the United States Great Seal (which is a crest and follows heroic conventions), whose crest indicates that the roll is kept in the bill of the white-headed hawk that serves as a follower of the crest shield.

Hispanic is very widespread for themes, but for national states their formal languages are generally used. Some of the uncommon options in the theme languages are: The motto of Wikimedia Commons refers to motto. Search for the motto in Wiktionary, the free glossary.

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