Motorbike Rental Myanmar

Myanmar Motorcycle Rental

Here you can see the old royal palace of Myanmar and many pagodas. OD_Tour offers Mandalay motorcycle rental and tours. Motorcycle rental? - Mujamar Forum Motorcycle rental? Everything is "possible", but as a frequent tourist to the land I would strongly advise against it, officially or otherwise.

A lot of streets are in terrible shape, genuine Third Worlds, and many cars are right-hand drivers who lean out of the windows on the right side with the passengers and check the release of opposing vehicular flow, making the motorcycle weave a major goal.

in a lot of american europe I wouldn't let my children rent a bike, not to mention Myanmar.

Motorcycling in Myanmar

Motorcycles give you the opportunity to go on excursions according to your own timetable and give you easy entry to distant parts of Myanmar with impassable streets that cannot be reached by road. Motorcycles are easy and inexpensive to rent in most parts of the Netherlands and usually cost around 10,000 K per night. Motorbike rental is available in most large and medium-sized cities (and all important touristic places except Bagan); it is usually easiest to ask at your hotels or guesthouses.

For more information about motorcycling in certain areas around Myanmar, visit our destination page. You can find detailled information about Myanmar on the website of the Myanmar Information Management Unit. If you are a serious motorcyclist, we provide Myanmar on our own bicycle or on selected bicycles from selected Myanmar tour operators.

Choose from our motorcycle routes or make your own one. Also, we provide long-haul services from India, China and Thailand and can obtain all necessary approvals for internal and external use. If you would like to contact one of our consultants about motorcycle touring, please fill out this contact sheet.

Motorcycles are not always in good shape. You can find control points on many streets throughout the entire countryside, and sometimes you will need a copy of your photograph page and your visas. Though Myanmar is opening quickly, some parts of the state still require specific authorizations to travel.

The use of motorcycles in Yangon is forbidden (some local people get a temporary permit). The use of motorcycles in Bagan is not admissible for international visitors (however, e-bikes and cycles are allowed). Latest news about connection in this fast-changing land.

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