is a technology-oriented, topic-oriented investment company. Definition of motif, a recurring theme, theme, idea, etc., especially in a literary, artistic or musical work.

Motive | Technology-Based Thematic Investment

"and JPMorgan Chase..... are among those who have invested $86 million in Motif..." For more information about Motif Impact, please read the Motif Impact Portfolio Terms and Conditions. To invest in an initial public offering involves unparalleled risk, uncertainty of market movements and possible capital losses, which the client should be fully cognizant of before making an initial public offering.

The number of Motif stock required for issuance may be greater than the offer and Motif cannot therefore ensure the vesting of stock for clients placing conditions. Additonal risk to be considered in IPOs and small business secondaries, which includes the risk of unsubstantiated directors, businesses with high levels of indebtedness, low profitability of financing, watering down of the value of the stock for current stockholders, market equity solvency, regulation uncertainties and admission to trading conditions.

Like with any Motif investments you make, you are accountable for assessing whether an IPO, follow-up offer or small caps offer is compatible with your investments goals and your willingness to take action. Please review the brochure before making any decisions. Investments in transferable assets involve certain inherent hazards that you should be familiar with before making an informed choice, such as possible capital forfeiture.

Investing in a single stock or a set of stock that focuses on a particular topic or underlying concept, such as a motive, may be exposed to an enhanced exposure to fluctuations in the prices of more diverse portfolios due to unfavorable trends that may impact a particular line of business or area. ETFs can also be those with a tight or specific asset allocation and may be exposed to similar market exposures as widely diverse assets.

The Motif does not make any statement about the appropriateness of a particular asset or asset allocation. It is your responsibility to make all your own investments and to understand the risk associated with your asset allocation.

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