Motherland Inn Yangon

Mainland Inn Yangon

The May Fair Inn is a quiet place to stay near the busy streets of Yangon (Rangoon). The Motherland Inn is located near Botataung in Yangon, Myanmar. Tobacco is allowed in the designated areas of this hostel in Yangon. Are you looking for a cheap hotel in Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar (Burma) or a discount hotel in Yangon, Myanmar? Accommodation in Yangon - Motherland Inn.

Retrospect of Motherland Inn 2 Hotel in Yangon Myanmar

There was a crunching of bones, meat crushing, dirt collecting and MLI2 seemed like a fata morgana, then like an eater. As her younger co-workers struggled to find our name on the reservations register, our new girlfriend recalled our name without looking at the register, up to the amount we had prepaid by Western Union.

There was a feeling of a lively atmosphere in the foyer, where many travellers came together to visit the attractions and to use the guest house as a starting point for further exploration. Yangon is a mixture of old buildings and flats. The room on the third storey (which was actually on the 4th storey because the basement is called'zero') was a vertex and while there was no AC, the room was relatively cold because both doors were open and the ceiling ventilator was working.

The Yangon was red-hot, the relative humidities rose by 46°C, so the fact that a room without climate control was bearable was a true pleasure. I' m always saying the most important thing with any type of accommodation is a good night's rest and MLI2 has not disappointed.

Admittedly, I would probably have been sleeping on a pile of sludge because I was so sleepy, but instead I had almost 16 hrs of good, comfy, good quality sleeping on their simple but neat bed. Coming to Yangon with a long checklist of really great places to try, I have to say I had no power to go further than the one connected to the MLI2 on the mall.

I would have to say that if I had to find any criticism of MLI2, it was the web, but even that is a half-hearted worry. When we travelled with the last issue (2011) of Lonely Planet Myanmar/Burma, we were warned that there was practically no web in the state. Almost forward two years and everywhere we had Yahoo - and it was quick.

However, the free Wi-Fi on the MLI2 basement was very stained and we only joined once. And the only explanation why the web problems are notable is that passengers who stay at MLI2 have realism. While I think half the passengers expect nothing, the others are amazed that things are not as quick as in many other places.

MLI2 rates vary from $27 for a twin room with ventilator and common showers to $35 for a twin room with A/C and private showers. It is without doubt the most sought after and cheapest lodging in Yangon (and rightly so) and it is strongly advised to book well in advance.

The MLI2 is exactly what price-conscious travellers in Yangon need. And I would not be hesitant to remain here again, and I would particularly urge people who are in Myanmar for the first trip to get in touch with other travellers.

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