Mosque of Ibn Tulun

Ibn Tulun Mosque

Ibn Tulun's mosque is located in Cairo, Egypt. Ibn Tulun's mosque is considered to be the second oldest mosque in Egypt. Ibn Tulun Mosque is a huge and historic mosque in Cairo, built by Ahmad Ibn Tulun. Ibn Tulun Mosque in Cairo, Egypt.


Ibn Tulun's mosque (Arabic: ????? ?????, translated by Masjid Ibn ??l?n) is in Cairo, Egypt. This is the oldest mosque in the town, which has been preserved in its pristine state. It is also the biggest mosque in Cairo. This mosque was ordered by Ahmad ibn Tulun, the Turkish Abbassid gubernator of Egypt from 868-884, whose reign was marked by de facto autonomy.

Al-Maqrizi calls the beginning of the mosque building 876 A.D.[1] and the date of the mosque's finishing is AH 265 (878/879). al-Qata' i, the large community mosque was to be the centre of the administrative centre of the Tulunid family.

The mosque was initially located in Ibn Tulun's residence, and a gate next to the mint bar gave him access to the mosque. Al-Qata' i was destroyed in the early tenth AD and the mosque is the only preserved building. This mosque was built in the Samarran way, as is customary with Abbasids.

It' s built around a patio, with a roofed hangar on each of the four sides, the biggest one is on the side of the Mekka. There was a well ( "fauwara"[3]) in the centre of the cream, a gilded cupola carried by ten pillars of stone, and around it were 16 pillars of stone and a cobble.

At the mosque there are six mihrabs, five of which are shallow in contrast to the major one. Al-Afdals Mahrab in honor of al-Mustansir. In the Middle Ages, several buildings were erected on the outside of the mosque. It is open to the general R.G.'John' Gayer-Anderson, who was living there until 1942, as the Gayer Anderson Museum.

It has been renovated several time. It was last renovated in 2004 by the Supreme Council of Ancient Egypt. Part of the James Bond movie The Spy Who Long Me was shot at the mosque. This mosque is included in the Serious Sam 3: SFOE and forms an essential part of the third layer of the series.

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