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Mo├ža Strapping Machines & Strapping Materials

Mozca provides the best end-of-line packing solution available. Headquartered in the Odenwald, Germany, we are a long-established and familyowned business with over 50 years of expertise and a global renown for sealant and transport security products. Our innovation and pioneer attitude have enabled us to continually raise the bar and reinforce our leading technological edge in the strap sector.

Our company develops powerful strap wrapping machinery, high-quality strap material and comprehensive security solutions for your goods in transport. "The strap is the ideal way to ensure that goods, boxes or packaging are transported safely: quickly, effectively and with a minimal use of material. The strap is suited for all types of material, dimensions and forms.

Cartons that meet European packing requirements are particularly suitable for banding. For example, the FEFCO standard 0203 - a carton with overlapped bottom and lid lids - is used for a variety of different applications. Combined with a strap system, these crates allow.....

"Bundled with care" banding is perfect for bundling bulk goods that are not packaged in a carton into one single package: from papers and journals to robust articles such as wood boards, steel rods and aluminium or synthetic pipes to wires, cores, tiles or boulders. Also for large parts that are too large for cartons, strap wrapping provides a material-saving and safe alternatives to secundary wrapping.

You and your staff will be saved by our belts because they make handling unwieldy goods much simpler. Even if it is not its main use, it is an excellent means of transport for all kinds of goods, from packaging, cardboard boxes and plasterboard to containers or large pieces of equipment such as furnishings. "Reliable transport security is of key importance across all sectors - for the cardboard and the transport of linen such as washers, dish washers and even heavier packaging in the building sector such as bricks and slates.

Damages to your objects, to your cars or even to persons can occur due to insufficient security..... We' ve designed our own line technologies to make sure your corrugating reaches your clients in the best possible state. In line technique is used to strap cardboard "along the flute" and prevent the strap from breaking the texture of the paper.

Gentle handling of delicate papermaking materials. Most of our machinery allows the individual adjustment of the necessary belt tightness. All kinds of supplies are customary in the distance selling and logistic area. Often it is necessary to secure a product that does not meet the usual dimensions standard. Our multifaceted machine park enables us to find the optimum solutions for every requirement.

What is needed is a sturdy strain girding system that secures reliable over long times. Combined with our proprietary polyester tape, which is particularly suited for robust applications, our machinery provides robust and highly available banding. Hygienic is of utmost importance when it comes to banding foods and drinks. Printing must be compressed before banding.

Doing so may cause slow release of fresh impurities and loosening of the band. This is a situation that our machinery can tackle without any problems. On request, a self-contained combined shredder can carry out the transverse banding in one pass..... According to your requirements, we provide semi-automatic or fully automated strap wrapping machinery with which you can safely and effectively pack your bundles, packs, cartons or other articles or safeguard them for shipping - and all this with the highest possible level of operational uptime.

Besides our banding machinery we provide a wide range of full range of banding solutions for specific safety needs. These rugged solutions can cope with several stages of the loading restraint processes in a process and work highly effectively. With our palletizing packaging machinery, your goods are pressed, strapped and secured on the pallets in one operation and are prepared for logistical use?

Our design team defines your needs and advises you individually, whether you are looking for a load securing system or a product. We are a system provider not only of machinery and extensive services, but also of synthetic tapes made of PP and PE as well as our eco-strap made of the bio-compatible synthetic material Polylactid (PLA).

We have been manufacturing our straps at our Muckental factory in the Odenwald since 2008.

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