The Morombe[murum?be] is a coastal town (commune urbaine) in the region of Atsimo-Andrefana, Madagascar. Situated in the south of Madagascar. You will most likely spend the night in the small town of MOROMBE, the capital of Vezo, if you are travelling by taxi.

The Morondavas after Morombe

To Ankevo is a small fishing village halfway between Morondava and Belo surf Mer. Its tranquil surroundings, beautiful beaches and crystalline sea, together with the possibility of making a contribution to a commendable municipal tourist promotion project, make a visit worth it. Accommodation in one of the simple cottages that the locals build and welcome the villagefolk.

To make a reservation, please call Ms Vallen at the Morondava office for further information. You will also arrange a shuttle service. The fishing hamlet of Belo is in Vezo, about 80 km from Morondava. The city can be reached either by 4x4 car or by speedboat from Morondava (30 â'¬ one way, see madaconnection's tip in Morondava).

It' less expensive to rent a Vezo Piroge, but the journey can take up to eight hour and the ocean is sometimes hazardous. Belo surfing is the most popular sport in Belo surf. 6 cozy and beautiful Chez Dorothée chalets on the shore with common beaches. After the cyclone completely renovated in 2009, it has new large and cosy cabins with their own bathroom and showers.

Manya lies within the land of Sakalava of Menabe. In the 19th c., the town was the capitol of a small empire. In order to pass the Mangoky River and get to Morombe, you can spend long waiting for the "ferry" to pick you up. Morombe, a small hamlet between Toliara and Morondava, is the Vezo capitol and its economic center.

Situated about 350 km from Toliara, it is hardly frequented by any foreigner due to its relatively inaccessible location. There are two weekly flights to the city ( "Toliara" or "Morondava"), although most travelers choose the 4x4 Morondava or a long trip by canoe from Belo surf Mer.

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