Moroccan Restaurant

A Moroccan restaurant

For the best Moroccan food in London, see TripAdvisor travel reports from Moroccan restaurants in London. Moroccan, vegetarian, $$$$ Momo. Moroccan, vegetarian, $$$$ Souk Medina. Moroccan, Vegetarian, Dar Marrakech. Moroccan Zayane restaurant in Notting Hill on Golborne Road.

There are 7 delicious Moroccan restaurants in London.

Tasty tags, garlic humus and much sweeter peppermint teas, Moroccan cuisine invites you to linger. There are some beautiful Moroccan eateries from Stratford to Notting Hill; here we have found the best. In Notting Hill Moroccan trash is dropped and served pure: tasty meals with little effort.

There is a selection of refreshing juice and peppermint tea next to tags, pastilles and lenses, all of which are presented well. Mo - Sa: Meal service: Momo, perhaps the finest Moroccan restaurant in London, is made of polished golden and sterling bronze, low-hanging Moroccan street lamps and a somewhat more exciting cuisine. Mo - Sa: Meal service: The Souk Medina has three locations in London (Souk Medina and Souk Bazaar in Covent Garden and Souk River Lounge in Vauxhall).

Moroccan couches and pillows are spread all over the place and you can enjoy them. Mo - Sa: Meal service: Marrakech combines Moroccan and Lebbanese cuisine on his comprehensive menus and serving both with both. The two-storey restaurant in Stratford features a luncheon offer at and has a comfortable Moroccan-style interior.

Meals service: Clapham Argan also blends Moroccan and Leban ese in this bustling restaurant, perfectly suited for a mid-week snack. There is also a good choice of vegetables in the restaurant. Mo - Sa: Meals service: A more Moroccan style bar in Central London, Kenza also offers a tantalising choice of mezzas and plates.

Meals service: And as you would think, customers are at the more affluent end of the spectrum, as is the decor, which provides the setting for an Arabic drink and diet. In the daytime you can have Moroccan confectionery and infusions (you can even order a Moroccan after dinner tea) and after nightfall the restaurant serves a London note - truffles humus to everyone?

Mo - Sa: Meal service:

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