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The people are often amazed at Thailand's forests and jungles, but there was more. Take a look at the interactive map and discover more countries. Some general information to help visitors find out more about Thailand. You can find further information under Exemption from tourist visas. You can learn more about Thai culture over a traditional Thai dinner in the evening.

Another four young men are saved.

SAI MAE, Thailand - Leader of Salvation Trouble, who has snatched eight members of a local football crew from the lows of a humid cavern, tried to conclude Monday when the examination four young and their trainer would be released. Narongsak Osatanakorn, Chiang Rai's incumbent governor, said all the young people saved so far were "safe and conscious" in a clinic.

Said he wasn't sure the last four guys and their trainer were coming out on Tuesday. On Sunday, four members of the wild boar were saved before the efforts were put on ice so that the cavern could be filled with air and other essential goods. "Eight is out and the surgery is complete for today," said Sitthichai Klangpattana, an assistant of Thailand's Navy Seal commander, on Monday 9.

After a football training, twelve 11-17 year old coaches and twelve youngsters and their 25-year -old trainer wandered more than 2 mile into the mazes. Severe rainfalls submerged parts of the cavern and obstructed its access, leading to a frantic quest. But the twisted arrangement of water-saturated tunneling has made their extractions a hazardous job - a Thai naval diver was killed last weekend in preparation for the recovery.

Hooyah ", the Thai Navy Seals post on their Facebook page on Monday. Seals lead the way, but more than 90 rescuers from all over the globe have worked in and around the sinister, meandering caves. Solid-pistons are used to lower the level of ground and reduce the distance below the surface.

In the middle of the week more precipitation is anticipated. Most of the caves are submerged, but most of the young can't swimm. Equipped with diving goggles and breathe from cylinders for the diving parts of the voyage. There are two diver guiding each young through parts of the cavern that are under water.

When the young showed up, they were taken in an ambulance and examined medically before being taken, partly by helicopter, to the Chiang Rai Prachanukroh clinic more than 30mph. A whole storey of the clinic is reserved for the staff. Juveniles were placed in quarantine in a clinic for fear of getting an infectious disease.

The only way the young can see relations is through a glazed area. Narongsak was optimistic and said that the guys who were saved on Sunday were in a good mood. Jamie in Illinois, who is a researcher and researcher at the Humanitarian Disaster Institute at Wheaton College, said that the psychological well-being of young people must be carefully supervised. Some he said may retreat while others are seeking more awareness.

Families and boyfriends said they would help the boy to adapt again when they were discharged from the clinic.

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