Moochies Meatballs

Meatballs Moochies

Menue - MoochiesMoochies Generously proportioned sheep's milk cheeses and mature tomatoes, made with extra virgin oils, a pinch of pecorino and a pinch of herbal ingredients. It' a Moochie Original. This tasty, hand-made meatballs with marineara, foeta and our own Jumpin' Jalapeno dressing - it's from this one! Moochie! Barbecued ribeye with onion, chilli and baked with our tasty hand-made navyara cream gravy and momzarella cheeses, it' s like a really great piece ofizza!

Who we are - MoochiesMoochies

Moochie started in the back of the Circle Pottery Giftshop, where Don MacDonald has been making wonderful handcrafted potteries for over 30 years. In 1987 he opened the Circle Pottery Giftshop 232 East 800 South in Salt Lake City, where he made and marketed his gorgeous handcrafted ceramics.

In October 2000, Don & Joanna bought a storehouse around the corner from the souvenir store and turned it into the Circle Pottery School of Crafts and transferred Don's sound recordingstudios to it. This souvenir store was run as a retailer. During the 2002 Winter Olympics, they shut down the souvenir store for a few renovations and agreed to set up a small cuisine in the background.

Joanna, a Philadelphia native, had a long nightmare about running a small Philly grown pacific school. Specifically, it wanted to import AUTHENTIC Philly Cheesesteaks into the Salt Lake region, because something like this did not yet exist at that age.

MOOCHIE's Meatballs and More was founded in September 2003 and serves home-made home-made groceries and the best meatballs and cheese-steaks in Utah. Moochie' s hit didn't take long for other chocolate stores to start selling Phililly cheese steaks, but clients who came or were from the eastern shore and had the genuine thing will see the distinction.

If you come from the Eastern Shore, you may know a place named Tony Luke's, considered one of the top five Philly Chees steaks in Philadelphia - that's Moochie's coousin!

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