Situated in Burma, Monywar uses the icao code VYMY. Explore the Phoe Win Taung Cave and Monywar to explore the sandstone cave and experience the sights in Monywar, Upper Burma. Monywar by car from Mandalay, Myanmar tour & sight seeing

We' ll begin this trip by collecting you from your Mandalay hotels and head to Tagaing for your option trip. While you are in the monastery you can find out about the monastery and are known as a spiritual retreat for Buddhists. swingoponnyashin panorama views from the mountain top of Legaing, silversmith (production of silverware in its tradition) and pots.

You will see the companies and the gardens on the way to Monywar, the locals working in the countryside and in the shops. Head to Thanboddhay Pagoda in the mid-20th century, whose several roofs with ranks of 500,000 miniature gold stupa and the huge standing Buddha picture, the second highest sculpture in the worid, have a height of 129m.

The area is the decisive point of an extensive site full of Buddha sculptures, bodhi and pagoda that was founded in the60s. Continue to the Monywar hotels. You will have some free evenings and you can go to the Chindwin Valley's trade centre and go for a hike along the water.

Accommodation in Monywar. In the mornings our guides will take you to Phoe Win Taung Grotto, which stretches 25 km westwards from Monywar across the Chindwin Cavern. These are hewn into a rock of limestone and contain many Buddha sculptures and wall murals with geometrical designs and Jataka tales from the fourteenth to eighteenth century.

We then return to Mandalay and the trip ends in the evening in Mandalay. If this is the case, you must notify us in writing and additionally cover the cost of transportation from Monywar to Bagan.


Situated on the Chindwin River, Monywa is a quiet city. There are also some really important sights and archeological places in Myanmar, such as the Thanboddhay Pagoda, Bohti Tataung Pagoda, Shweguni Pagoda, Hpowin Taung, Shwe Ba Taung and also Twin Taung, an extinguished volume, known for its breathtaking volcanic caldera pond, where very scarce spirulina is found.

It' also known as Mahar Bodhi Tataung Laykyun Setkyar Pagoda, founded by Bodhi Tahtaung Sayadaw in the60s. There are a thousand Bodhi plants on this page, each of them has a large Buddha picture underneath. The second highest sculpture in the whole wide range, the Mahar Bodhi Tataung Laykyun Setkyun Standing Buddha (129 metres high) and the biggest lying Buddha in Myanmar (95 metres long).

The Bodhi Tahtaung Pagoda in Monywa has a thousand Bodhi trees and each one has a large Buddha picture underneath. Founded by Bodhi Tahtaung Sayadaw in the 1960'. The Po Khaung Taung, a chain of ridges, is situated eastwards of the Bodhi Tahtaung Pagoda. On top of this mound is the biggest Buddha picture in the whole wide universe, 91 metres long.

It is a gigantic picture with a cavernous texture and you can go from top to toe. Several of the important occurrences in the Buddha's world are depicted in the picture. There is a cavernous cavity in the upright Buddha sculpture, the interior is adorned with Buddhistic art, which includes some important happenings in the Buddha's world.

The Kyaukkar Villa near Shweguni Lagoda is 12 leagues eastwards from Monwya and has been known for its pre-Chaing May paint products since the Konbaung-era. During the Shwegui Ni Feast in May, the town could be really packed. Situated 20 leagues eastwards from Monywa, this fourteenth century marina is renowned among the natives for its wishfulfilling power.

There is a 33 metre high Buddha picture. It was difficult to recognize the picture's initial face because of the thick quotation of golden foils used by Buddhist followers and hermit. The Shwe Gu Ni Pagoda Feast takes place in Myanmar in the Kason season, in May, when the whole town is full of native people.

5 miles out of Monywa and on the westerly banks of the Chindwin River. Hpo Win Taung" could be construed as "Mountain of isolated solitary meditation@". There are 947 rock cave sandstones excavated from the mound and many Buddha carvings and well-preserved wall murals with geometrical patterns and Jataka tales (ancient Buddha history) in vibrant colors from the fourteenth to eighteenth century.

Archaeologists have described Pho Win Taung/ Hill as the richest in Southeast Asia in terms of wall painting and Buddha-statures. The Shwe Ba Taung Resort is located just behind Pho Win Tauung and only a few minutes walk away. Convents and sanctuaries are sculpted from the small vulcanic rock walls, probably extended and the entranceways trimmed or cleaned and full of Buddha-pictures.

Hpo Win Taung and Shwe Ba Taung are both very quiet, except during the yearly pagoda fair in October or November of the year, when both groups are filled with visitors and visitors to the festivals. Situated to the northern side of Monywa. It' about 2 hours from Monwya and the Monywa - Kalaywa Highway.

Twin Taung's major attractions are the extinguished volcanic ash with a volcanic pond containing a very unusual spirulina. The Twin Po (the name of the Twin Taung eatable insect) is another of the region's renowned products and delicacies. Nearly 75% of the village inhabitants capture Twin Po during the rainy period, which are marketed all over the area.

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