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Monywa population and related information and services (Wikipedia, Google, images). Both Monywa and many people live in Monywa, population in Monywa. As a Buddhist fan or a fan of the beauty of Buddha architecture, it will be a big mistake to pass Monywa, one of the attractions in Myanmar. The Monywa has a tropical savannah climate (Köppen climate class Aw), which stands for hot desert climate (BWh). It is the center of Buddhism and has many important monasteries.

People of Monywa, Myanmar

Population of Monywa, Myanmar is 182011 according to the GeoNames geographic data base. Sitemap and Sitemap for Monywa, Myanmar (courtesy of Google Earth): There are 22,10856[latitude in grades ] at Latin, 95,13583[longitude in grades ] at an altitude of 81m.

Monywa has Asia/Rangoon as its TC ID. Geo name ID The Geo name ID for Monywa is 1308522.

Who is Monywa | MONYWA THU

The town of Monywa is located on the east shore of the Chindwin rivier. It is an important trading centre for India and Burma across Kalay Myo Strait and Chindwin Canyon. Then the name Monywa. Archaeologists have found people in this area for a million years.

A number of remains of humans, heads, were found in ShweMyin Tin Hill, east of Monywa. This proof confirms that the people have been living in the Monywa area for a long while. Former Professor Dr. Than Htun, U (1923-) Monywa named as coeval ages "KhinMon Ain Htaung Hti Pa DiPeYin" for Myanmar origins first area ("KaYai") and second area ("Tite").

This is quite clear that the humans have already remained in the Monywa area before the Myanmar tribe entered today's Monywa and settled the "tite" of civilisation. Monywa was already mentioning this in turn around 900 AD. The Bagan stones inscribed " Mon Ywa " as a historical testimony. The Kong Baung nobility named Monywa as a small town under the Alone area.

In Burma's reign, Monywa was a large town and the British period, the administrative quarter moved from Alone to Monywa in 1888. The Monywa county is contained in SitGaing Tite. The city of Monywa is situated in the centre of Burma (Myanmar). The Chindwin River is the western border of Yin-MarPin and Salin-Gyi Townships. We have ChawnOo Townships in the southern part, MyinMu Townships and AyaDaw Townships in the eastern part and Butalin Townships in the northern part.

The Monywa is over 250 ft above the surface. In general, eastward is 1/3 mile flat soil and eastward northern part is shaky soil. Oriental part is rugged and hills. The YeWon area: a submerged region: West N, Northeast, West Southeast Chindwin Banks area. This area is below 250 ft. of ocean floor.

It' always submerged by Chitdwin when it rains. There are many farming towns in this area. LwinPyin MyePyant (Flat Region): Monywa area. About half of the municipality of Monywa. It is 250-300 ft above sealevel. It' a rolling hillside: The end of eastern Monywa. One-third of the municipality of Monywa. Over 400 ft above sealevel.

High and higher at the easterly location. CyauKa mounds are 822 ft and 1262 ft high. The ShweMyin Tin mound is 693ft high. Like the 2002 Monywa Population Survey, the area of Monywa is 266 sqkm. The length from west to west is 12 mil (21 km) and from west to west 20 km (32 km).

The municipality of Monywa has a arid grassy environment. In the hillside area, diversity of Banbus trees e.g. Thite Wah, Myit Wah...etc. Health care crops such as Nanon, Aik Thlin, Phyuk Sab, Tamar, SinDon Mangwe, YonKha, SuLe, Kanaso, LeThoke Gyi, Tayin Gyi, That Yin Pote, Koyan Gyi, Kyat Su, Myin Kwa, KyaungShar, ShaZaung LatPat etc. are available in this area.

North of Monywa, 3 mile. Near ThaZi town. Height: 3250?, 73, 20 ft, total floor area: 6600 acre, irrigated area: Height: 1100?, 70?, 20 foot, 2800 acre foot, irrigated area; 2000 acre (8 sqkm). Underground water: 96 wells, watering system: The Monywa lies on the banks of the Chindwin National.

Transport is fairly good by truck, train and waterway through the stream are available for other regions. Tarmac 35 mile ('57 km') paved roads in cities, goverment building. 21 mile (.34 km) tarmac roads, 5 mile (.8 km) Steinstraße, 143 mile (.230 km) regular highways.

Whole community as 56 miles (90 km) tarred roads. There' is a viaduct over the ChinDwin Rivers in the Monywa County, ChaungOo Municipality (connecting TawKyaung Gyi and Min Ywa, YeSaGyo Municipality - Mague Division). Now, the second viaduct was finished on April 7, 2003 in Alone (between MinDaung - Alone City and LatKokein - YoinMarin Pin Township).

Six inches and almost two bridges in 1984. Six-legged. in the 2-foot building (1442 meters). It is only suitable for cars with a width of 28ft. 6-foot width footpaths are located on both sides of the highways. The safe area of the gangway is 305 ft long and 40 ft high.

Monywa - KalayWa will be rebuilt together with this one. There are 31 transport groups available from Monywa to all of Burma. Its own Township has over 300 busses and 507 holds. Transport of water: With the Chindwin Canal, the Myanmar Homlin, KalayWa and Kamti. etc. and the lower Myanmar YeSaGyo, then across the Irrawaddy Canal, many cities can be reached, up to Yangon (Rangon).

State-owned shipping has 28 ships, 5 crews transport freight and passengers by sea. There' s an airfield north of Monywa, about 8 mile. Situated in the KaWel Kyin town, 19000 foot westwards of Monywa-YeOo Avenue. Now, the goverment is equipping this 10000-foot long and 200-foot broad tarmac apron.

Post-secondary studies (university, colleges, institutes, etc.) (a) Monywa Univeristy Government Upgrading as a Univeristy in 23-May-1997. Previously this was known as Monywa Grad College since 19-Aug-1992. The old school was opened in 1979 as Monywa Regional college by rebuilding the Basic High School B.E.H.S. (2) in Yon-Gyi Quarter. The Monywa Eco was opened on September 28, 1998.

Altogether 1 year (1173), 2. year (905), 3. year (152), awards (39), Master qualifier (1), MPA (26), MBA (57), development diploma. 6 and a student body of 2359. Courses are 12 such as Monywa Ah-Hta-Ka (1), (2), (3) AND Alone Ah-Hta-Ka (1) & (2), MonYway Ah-Hta-Ka (1), associate Ah-Hta-Ka (4) and other Attached (Twe Bat) classes (2).

There' s 3579 of 9. and 4661 of 10. We have 5. 3668 standardized student, 6. 3160 standardized student, 7. 2953 standardized student and 8. 2937 standardized student. In all ('12718) undergraduates. Altogether there are (30972). There are also 19 elementary grammar and postgraduate colleges with 160 teachers and pupils (5642).

The Monywa Charity Youth Development Department (Payahita Lu Nge PhunPyoYe Sakhan): It' s in Than La Quarter. Undergraduates are from different regions and different nationalities. The youngest is 7 years old and 66 people are currently studying (2002 census). The pupils remain in this unity and visit the Monywa school. Monywa is a good commercial town due to its good transport connections and good trade networks.

The Monywa exports its own farm products to Mandalay and Yangon as well as to YeOo and Shwbo for the production of raw materials such as raw materials, rices and other farm products. The Monywa ceiling industry is renowned. Building materials such as zink, iron, ion frames and concrete are reimported from Yangon and redistributed throughout the area. The bamboo is sourced from the higher regions via the Chindwin and redistributed via the rivers to the lower regions.

Indian trade is via Monywa and Chindwin Rivers. In order to assist these businesses, many financial institutions have already been founded, such as 1)Myanmar Economic Banka 2)Agricural Banka - Government 3)First Private Banka 4)Myanmar Eastern Banka 5)Yoma Banka 6)Myanmar Mayflower Banka 6)Innwa Banka 7)Myawaddy Banka...etc. Cooperative of townships owning Ledi and Chan Mya Thazi.

Textilmühle (107), Ölmühle (44), Verlagsdrucker(29), Vermicelli-Mühle(16), Nudelmühle(7), Zigarren- und Wurstwarenindustrie(11), Holzmühle(10), Deckenmühle(1), Baumwollmühle(1), Plattenmühle(1) and many Reismühlen, Getreidemühlen, Spätmaschine, Schmied, Schweißerei, Kräuter-, Chindwin-Jeep-Industrie (2002 founded), Weavingstuhl ("Yet Kan Sin") etc. Monywa (Nandawon) has had two manufacturing areas since 1992.

MonywaTaung Quarter Home for Seniors (Bo Bwa Yeikta): Founded in 1992 and looking after 68 seniors. The Chindwin Rice Donation team: Celebrities and Places to VisitPlenty of famed Buddhist monks and Wiseman were native to this area such as Maung Htaung Thana Sayadaw, Nyaung Kan Sayadaw U Boke, Mon Ywe Zatawon Sayadaw, Ledi Sayadaw Gyi, Zaung Gyan Pin Sayadaw and ( (King Mindom era) Ledi Thin Ka Kywin Won U Chane, Ledi Panita U Maung Gyi, Dama Katika U Hla Thein....etc..

The other geniuses like Nawarat, Thein Pe Myint, Nyo Mya, Dama Sariya U Htay Hlaing, Aung Maung, Than Sein Thit, U Gon Thet, Dr. Maung Maung Nyo, U Maung Maung Soe Tint were indigenous Monywa. Poetry writers such as Monywa Win Pe, Lin Yone Maung Maung, GonHtoo U Thein Naing, Butalin Chit Lay, Chit Dawn Ngwe, Maung Ye Khine, Thanlar Mye Yu Lwin, Thanlar Mye Saw Thu, Maung Tint Zin, Maung Tat are well known.

Monywa U Lay Khant, Gita Sarso U Aye Maung, Gita Sarso Ko Ohn Min, Monywa Ko Kyi Shin, ChinDwin Kyaw Swe Hlaing are well-known in music world. The ChinDwin Ye Kyi Art Show was organised by Monywa artist in YANGON. An electronic library in Monywa City Hall (Pyanya Alin) was founded in 2001.

It is already planning to open a new local libary.

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